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Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements

Effective Summer Term 2020 for New Students and Effective Fall Term 2020 for Continuing Students
All students enrolled at SCU are required to have a laptop. Below you will find the MINIMUM and RECOMMENDED laptop specifications for Southern California University of Health Sciences. MINIMUM specifications are for those who are choosing not to buy a new laptop and want to use an existing one and RECOMMENDED specifications are for those who are choosing to purchase a new laptop and need guidance on which specifications to use.
System Requirements for Degree and Certificate Programs: Ayurveda, BSHS, DC, DACM, MACM, MSHGG, MSPA, MSMS, and CHES
Windows PC Apple Macintosh
Operating System Minimum: Windows 10 Minimum: OS X Yosemite 10.10 Recommend: macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
Processor Minimum: i3, Atom x5 or better Minimum: i3 or better
Memory Minimum: 8GB Recommended: 16GB+ Minimum: 8GB Recommended: 16GB+
Hard Drive Minimum: 256 GB+ Minimum: 256 GB+
Accessories Internal: Camera, speakers & microphone Internal: Camera, speakers & microphone
Additional Options Safeware.com or similar device coverage Apple Care+ protection plan, Safeware.com, or similar device coverage
Google Chromebooks do not meet the technology requirement.
System Requirements for: Accelerated Sciences
Windows Mac Chrome OS
Operating System Minimum: Windows 10 macOS 10.11+ Chrome 58+
Processor Minimum: i3 or better Minimum: i3 or better Minimum: Intel or ARM
Hard Drive Minimum: 256 GB+ Minimum: 256 GB+ 32GB eMMC Flash Memory +
Memory Minimum: 4GB Recommended: 8GB+ Minimum: 4GB Recommended: 8GB+ Minimum: 4GB Recommended: 8GB+
Accessories Internal: Camera, speakers & microphone Internal: Camera, speakers & microphone Internal: Camera, speakers & microphone
Additional Options Safeware.com or similar device coverage Apple Care+ protection plan, Safeware.com, or similar device coverage Safeware.com or similar device coverage
Students are responsible for the purchase, upkeep and protection of their laptops. It is important to bring a fully charged laptop and charger to campus each day. The laptop is needed at the beginning of the first term orientation session for students. At orientation, students receive instruction on how to install and use Examplify and Proctorio for taking exams, email is setup, and Wi-Fi is connected.

Additional Options:

Apple Care+ protection plan offers extended technical support and accidental damage protection. Safeware.com (or similar device coverage) offers additional insurance coverage for accidental damage and theft. Tests are administered through Examplify and/or Proctorio/Canvas on the laptop. In order for these programs to run efficiently and securely, laptops should be kept updated. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure technology compatibility and functionality. Devices should have at least a 30% charge before entering an examination session. 500 MB or more of free space may be required to commence an exam. Students may not attempt to circumvent security features intended to secure examination settings. Current model laptops are encouraged. Examplify (ExamSoft) or Canvas and Proctorio may change the list of supported devices at any time, leaving older devices unsupported. A newer laptop is more likely to retain its usefulness throughout an entire degree program.

Electronic Testing:

Electronic testing allows students and faculty to monitor progress toward academic benchmarks at a detailed level and helps to identify areas where tutoring or other resources may be needed. Electronic testing can also allow students to be tested without proctors, remotely, and/or at their convenience, when authorized by their faculty. SCU uses ExamSoft/Examplify and Canvas/Proctorio as electronic exam management systems for students.


ExamSoft is one of SCU’s designated exam management systems for students. Students are responsible for downloading exams onto their laptop via an ExamSoft application called Examplify. Students then login to Examplify using their SCU credentials (username and password). Students can begin their exams at the appropriate times by entering in a password provided by their instructor. Students work offline; Examplify locks the laptop down so that once a student begins an exam, nothing else on the device can be used until the exam is closed. Upon completion, Examplify uploads the answer file for faculty use and deletes the exam files from the students’ computers.

Proctorio and Canvas:

Proctorio is SCU’s designated proctoring system for examinations administered through Canvas for all students. Proctorio is a Google Chrome extension, that must be downloaded and installed by students. Canvas is the Learning Management System utilized by SCU. Students enter the examination through Canvas in the course shell. Proctorio controls the testing environment, locking down elements of the laptop for duration of the examination as directed by the faculty member, activating the camera or microphone to record the test taking environment, and allowing the examination to proceed through Canvas. When the examination is complete, the answers are submitted in Canvas, and a recording of – and information about – the test taking session is provided to the faculty member, who can review to ensure the maintenance of academic integrity.

Remote Recommendations – MSMS Only

If students are joining ICS sessions remotely via Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions, we also recommend that students have access to a second device or a second monitor for the laptop. This second device can be a smartphone or tablet (where Zoom and/or iClicker can be installed), a second laptop, or a second monitor/TV where students can view two desktops. This setup is recommended for an optimal learning experience, where students are able to simultaneously see the Zoom session, the iClicker app, and their notes and other resources. Students prefer different variations of this setup (e.g., Zoom on phone, iClicker on laptop, physical notes on desk), but all students have preferred having two devices instead of one.

iClicker: – MSMS Only

iClicker – all students are REQUIRED to purchase a 1 year iClicker subscription for the MSMS program. Please go to https://www.iclicker.com/ and create an account. Look for “Southern California University of Health Sciences” – please use your SCU or personal email to register for an account. Please note we are asking that you ONLY purchase the account for the MSMS orientation session and you will install the application during the orientation NOTE: All products, services, trademarks, and related items described in this technology requirement document are supplied and/or controlled by other organizations. The recommendations in this document are made in good faith. SCU is not responsible for the actions or inactions of any of these companies in meeting or not meeting any warranties, deliverables, or services, expressed or implied. SCU is not responsible for the failure of any of these products or services to function as described or implied, or for any associated harms.

Internet Requirements:

Connection to the internet at campus and at home is essential. Access to a high-speed DSL or better internet connection includes: A minimum broadband connection of 3 Mbps upload and 3Mbps download for viewing lecture captures, simultaneous screen sharing, video and audio conferencing is required of all students. Your internet connection speed needs to be fast enough to stream video without noticeable buffering, allow for uninterrupted web conferencing (streaming of audio and video) and a constant connection to download files, as needed. Please speak with your internet service provider to make sure your internet connection speed will accommodate these needs, and your router/modem are new enough to handle the required connection speed as well.
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