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Whole Health Conference

Whole Health Conference

This year SCU in partnership with AIHM and Cornerstone Collaboration for Societal Change is launching the First Annual Whole Health Conference with the theme focused on “Bringing Whole Health To Life”.   Healthcare and higher education are two industries at a crossroads. The U.S. healthcare industry is facing ever-escalating costs, chronic disease in more than half its population, and provider burnout. As a provider of healthcare education, SCU is proactively navigating the rapidly evolving landscapes. We see this position as a valuable opportunity to advance our unique mission to educate successful whole-person healthcare providers and this first annual conference brings together healthcare leaders in industry and education, business founders, and philanthropists.

SCU faculty/staff/students are eligible for a FREE AIHM membership and a discounted rate to register for the conference.  See the FAQs for more information.

Bringing Whole Life to Health

Come share and experience how you can bring whole health to life. We will explore how whole health is becoming the next evolutionary step for integrative health and medicine. Learn how you, as an integrative healthcare professional, can transform yourself, your practice or workplace, and the healthcare system towards whole person health. We will have nuts and bolts practical instruction on how to implement integrative and whole health practices in your office when you return and also share the greater vision of transforming healthcare to a whole health model. Become part of the whole health movement, in the pursuit of healthier and happier patients and providers, equitable access to care, and a healthier and more just world.

Featured World Class Speakers:

  • Lise Alschuler is a naturopathic doctor and a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Arizona where she is the Associate Director of the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the Andrew Weil Center.
  • Donald M. Berwick is one of the leading scholars, teachers, and advocates in the world for the continual improvement of healthcare systems. He is a pediatrician and a longstanding member of the faculty of Harvard Medical School. He founded and led the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, now the leading global nonprofit organization in its field.
  • Tracy Gaudet is the Co-Founder of Cornerstone Collaboration for Societal Change and is nationally recognized for her contributions to Whole Health during her tenure at the Veterans Administration.
  • Mimi Guarneri is Board-certified in cardiovascular disease and a founder and President of The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.
  • Pamela Ayo Yetunde is a pastoral counselor in private practice. She is an award-winning author and wrote Casting Indra's Net: Fostering Spiritual Kinship and Community, one of the best spirituality books written in 2023 according to Spirituality and Practice. Ayo is a contemplative, and contemplation informs her counseling practice.
  • And More, visit AIHM Attend for the full speaker list


Who should attend the Whole Health Conference?

Primary care providers, nursing professionals, pharmacy professionals, members of health institutions, and practitioners across the spectrum of conventional medicine, integrative medicine, lifestyle medicine, and functional medicine providers. Come discover how conventional medicine and integrative health are uniting to create a Whole Health model for enhancing care and optimizing results within your scope of practice.

We invite you to lend your voice and vision. Come inspire and be inspired!

Do I have to be a member of AIHM to register for the event?

No. If you are not a member of AIHM please click here to be directed to the event registration.

What does it cost to register for the Whole Health Conference 2024?
How do I register if I am a SCU Faculty, Staff, or Alumni?

All SCU faculty, staff, and alumni may register for a FREE AIHM individual membership and can then register for the conference at the reduced member rate.

Step #1: Membership Registration, is required and FREE

  • Faculty/staff/alumni qualify for a free one-year individual AIHM membership.
  • Visit the Membership Registration page on the AIHM website located at: https://members.aihm.org/ to register for a one-year membership 
  • You will need to enter a Promo Code to receive the discount. SCU colleagues and Alumni have received an email with a Promo Code to receive the discount.

Step #2: Event Registration

How do I register if I am a SCU Student?

Step #1: Membership Registration, is required and FREE

  • Students qualify for a free one-year individual AIHM membership.
  • Visit the Membership Registration page on the AIHM website located at: https://members.aihm.org/ to register for a free one-year membership 
  • You will need to enter a Promo Code to receive the discount. SCU colleagues and Alumni will receive an email with a Promo Code to receive the discount.
Does the Whole Health Conference have a limited capacity?

Tickets for the in-person Whole Health Conference in San Diego will be available for purchase until they are sold out. Spots are limited and sell out faster, so we recommend registering as soon as possible to secure your in-person spot.

Is the event offered Online/On-Demand?

Yes. If you are not able to join us in beautiful San Diego, you can still take advantage of our On-Demand option, which allows you to view seminars the next day and provides access for 30 days post-conference.

What are the special events?

Look out for fun and exciting events throughout the conference, as well as numerous activities and countless opportunities for sharing experiences and expanding your network. Collaborate with new and familiar colleagues as, together, you set up objectives for the coming year.

Don’t miss the AIHM 10th Anniversary Gala and AIHM/SCU Alumni Reception. Additional events include the Membership Organization Summit and Dinner, the Leadership Meeting, Pre-Con Day, the Fellowship Meeting and Graduation, and other engaging activities. Stay tuned for more information.

What is the Dress Attire?
The dress code for the Whole Health Conference is business casual, but don’t forget comfortable footwear.
Where can I see the conference agenda?

The agenda can be found on the AIHM website by clicking here.

Hear from the Students Who’ve Been in Your Shoes

Our Value: Integrative Health, Inclusivity

I chose SCU when looking for a PA program because of their Integrative Medicine approach. I am from Michigan, and not many programs focus on this Integrative, Holistic approach when it comes to patient care in the Midwest, and I felt that was very important for me to learn as a future provider. My transition to semi-virtual learning has been very smooth and quite enjoyable. My favorite part about attending SCU is how tight-knit and diverse the community is. Coming from a large undergrad university and moving so far, it was very important for me to have a PA program that made me feel valued and invested in my success. At SCU, they do a great job of making you feel that.


Brianna Hadley

MSPA Class of 2022

Our Value: Integrative Health

One of the great things about SCU is we do have a campus layout, so all your classes aren't in a single room. We have our cadaver lab. We have different specialty rooms for physical assessment classes vs. acupuncture classes. All our acupuncture-specific classes have all the herbs in the room. You can pull out the herbs and look at them, whether in class or in between classes to get that extra studying in.

My favorite part of SCU is the collaboration from our beginning terms. We were working alongside chiropractor students, PA students, and ayurvedic students. It's a unique community where we get to learn about these different fields and sit in classrooms with them and work with them in the clinic. It allows you to get an understanding of all the different fields and how they can work together, and what is unique about your field. I think that is a wonderful aspect that I didn't think was going to be as prominent as it is here; even now, in my upper term classes and I am not in class with chiropractic students, I can still reach out to them about a certain aspect I may not understand or if I am working on a case. I want another perspective I know I have them to reach out to, so that has been a great networking community to have resources for.

Dr. Jamie Kuljis

Graduate, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Our Value: Integrative Health, Inclusivity

"There are a lot of things that I love about the program at SCU. The first one is that the faculty come from a long line of Ayurvedic knowledge deeply rooted in ancient classical text. They studied Ayurveda, but they also lived it. When you learn from people who embody this wisdom, it's much easier to grasp this knowledge. The second thing I love is the camaraderie within the cohort. The combination of the training, supportive faculty, and the support of my peers and classmates has given me the confidence I need to start my own practice."

Portia Harris

Student, Ayurveda Program

Our Value: Evidence-Based Practice

Some of my favorite courses at SCU have to be the chiropractic procedure classes; those are the classes you get to hone in on your chiro skills, your palpation skills and ultimately work on the adjustments that make you a chiropractor. Those are the classes I feel enhance my knowledge the most and are some of the reasons I chose to become a chiropractor here are SCU.

On top of chiropractic procedures classes, my favorite is the cadaver lab experience. The cadaver classes opened up my perception of what the human body is made up of. It allowed me to get an in-person perspective of how the body works and looks on the inside. I am genuinely thankful for those experiences because they opened and broadened my horizons to the human body and anatomy in general.

Jordan Vega

Student, Doctor of Chiropractic

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