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The SCU Alumni Office is dedicated to sustaining lifelong relationships with alumni by providing opportunities to engage with SCU and the community.

Welcome to The Office of Alumni Services

As an SCU alum, you are invited to join a robust network of nearly 18,000 health care graduates nationwide and around the globe. Collaborate and share ideas with our growing web of doctors, practitioners, and licensed integrated health professionals. SCU Alumni Services works to support a deeper connection to the university and to your peers long after graduation. Together the university and SCU Alumni Services are working to provide volunteer, preceptor, mentorship, and educational opportunities as well as social outings to grow and foster our community of SCU alumni.

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Rising Stars

Naomi Machimura is a dedicated and accomplished acupuncturist originally from Japan. Her journey into the world of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine began in Japan when, at the age of 28, her health severely declined. It was then that a female acupuncturist saved her life, igniting Naomi's passion and belief in the power of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Read More...

Naomi Machimura, DACM

Class of 2006

My greatest accomplishment since graduating from SCU is establishing myself in the industry as a chiropractor skilled in the treatment of acute, severe low back pain. My ability to work through a diagnosis and develop an effective treatment plan to meet patient needs has been a welcomed challenge and so rewarding. Read More...

Megan Jones

Doctor of Chiropractic (SCU Class of 2022)

Jessica Mehraban, a Southern California University of Health Sciences alumnus and functional medicine PA-C has charted a unique path in the healthcare field, deeply influenced by her educational and professional experiences. Read More...

Jessica Mehraban

Class of 2021

I specialize in Manual Therapy, including joint manipulation, active muscle release, and fascial mobilization. My background is in Exercise and Sports Science, emphasizing Sports Medicine. My experiences have also helped me grow in the fields of functional medicine and wellness. Read More...

Rodante Saballa

Doctor of Chiropractic (SCU Class of 2017)

SCU teaches you how to integrate other philosophies into a single treatment. The shadowing experience while I was in school tremendously helped me be ready to work right after school. Dr. Bodette and Dr. Carlos were my favorite faculty members, and my favorite classes were the INTERP series. I owe many of my skills to Dr. Kevin Glenn. Read More...

Tyler Bigenho

Doctor of Chiropractic, SCU Class of 2019

I'm currently running a solo practice in San Antonio, TX. I lead with acupuncture and Chinese medicine in my approach to most patients and will incorporate chiropractic care for many NMS conditions. Otherwise, my specialties include digestive health, lifestyle interventions for weight management, anxiety, mental health, and insomnia, along with pain management. Read More...

Kenneth Middelstadt, DACM, DC, L.Ac., Dipl.OM.

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic, SCU Class of 2018

As Director & Global Head of Patient Experience, Diversity and Inclusion for Worldwide Clinical Trials, I served as leader, strategic counselor, and architect for Worldwide's patient engagement, diversity, and inclusion efforts across 60 countries and 5 therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, metabolic, neuroscience, oncology, and rare disease. Read More...

Daniel Perez

Director & Global Head of Patient Experience

Becoming a dual-licensed practitioner has been my greatest accomplishment since graduating SCU. It took about a decade from the time I was in massage therapy school until I finished both my DC and DACM programs, but I finally made my dreams come true! Read More...

Keiko Hamano, DACM, DC, LAc, CMT

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic, SCU Class of 2018

I was part of the first PA class at SCU. I wanted to be in the medical field [and] be able to change from field to field and be adaptable to all different disciplines. I did want to pursue surgery as well. My favorite part was that the staff allowed our input into helping develop the program. Read More...

Caroline Suttle, MSIH, MSPAS, PA-C

Masters of Science, Physician Assistant Program, SCU Class of 2018

SCU has helped me understand how to truly care for people of all walks. Now, my career is aiding to help heal the world. I wanted to be the beacon of light in my family, and everyone around me, that didn’t grow up health-conscious. SCU prepared me for the tests and board exams I took. And listening to Dr. Morganthal challenged my perspective and understanding of her teaching. Read More...

Emeka Aludogbu, MS, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic, SCU Class of 2016

Acupuncture changed my life. I couldn't resist the urge to help people the way my acupuncturist helped me. You learn so much when you start practicing after graduation. But you had to graduate and pass boards to get there! Thank you to SCU for giving me a beautiful foundation on which I can grow my knowledge, my career, and my business! Read More...

Dr. Meghan Gray, DACM, MSHNFM, L.Ac

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, SCU Class of 2017

I have over 25 years of experience working with a variety of professional teams and athletes in the NFL, USOPC, Team USA, Bobsled & Skeleton, US Paracyling, PGA, MLB, NHL, WTT, Team Canada Cycling, USA Cricket, London Games 2012, World Games 2017, World Sports Games 2019, America’s Cup 2010, ASU and numerous World Cup and regional/World Cup qualifiers all around the world. Read More...


Doctor of Chiropractic, SCU Class of 2002

SCU has helped me attain my goals by expanding my knowledge and experience in health education with an extensive Ayurvedic curriculum, clinical practice and pharmacology of herbal medicine. This opportunity has allowed me to understand and assess differential diagnoses, integrate and collaborate with other students in respective disciplines and implement an effective course of treatment to patients with real-world conditions. Read More...

Walter James White, Jr.

Ayurveda Wellness Educator, SCU Class of 2021 Ayurveda Practitioner, SCU Class of 2022

Meeting the Alumni Association Board

The SCU Alumni Association works to support a deeper connection to the university and to your peers long after graduation. Together the university and SCU Alumni Association are working to provide volunteer, preceptor, mentorship and educational opportunities as well as social outings to grow and foster our community of SCU alumni.

Maria Elizabeth Barrera MAOM, L.Ac (‘17)

Owner of Athena Acupuncture and Wellness Center, Whittier, CA

Tiffany Chen
DC (‘15)

Vice President –

Richard Cheung
DC (’98)

Owner of Chirocenter,
Pasadena, CA

Don Corenman
MD, DC (‘78)

Spine Surgeon & Back
Pain Expert, Vail, CO

Corey Lichtman
DC (’03)

Owner, Solana Beach Family & Sports Chiropractic

Megan L. Miramontes
DACM, L.Ac. (’16)

SCU Health Systems Clinician and TSM Clinician, SCU, Hemet, CA

Scott Randolph
DC (’97) Past President

Chiropractor/Owner, Randolph Clinic, Bakersfield, CA

Caroline J. Suttle
MSIH, MSPA, PA-C (’18)

Associate Vice President, Institutional & Academic Insights

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