Employee Directory

Employee Directory


Adams, Owen Lab Assistant
Aghlara, Amir x416 LACC Faculty
Alvarez, Briana x365 Front Office Associate
Ammen, Cassie Fitness Marketing Coordinator
Ande, Taiwo x344 Dean of OIE
Andersen, Doug Instructor
Arendt, Tom x355 VP of Administration & Finance
Argosino, Lori x459 Learning Specialist / Counselor
Aruoma, Okezie x555 Instructor
Aryanfar, Babak x659 Instructor
Avilez, Nicole x416 Undergraduate Studies Administrator Coordinator
Ayad, Samir x658 Associate Faculty (PT) – IOS


Babajanian, Jesika Assistant Professor
Babikian, Annie x434 Clinical Faculty
Bailey-Turner, Gregory Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
Beech, Jonathan D Marketing Manager
Beres, Jacqueline x674 Assistant Clinical Professor/Director of Spine Care
Berman, Sheryl x360 VP for Academic & Student Affairs
Bewley, Christie x478 Administrative Assistant
Bezdjian, Serena Clinical Research Associate
Bisuano, Danny x537 Admissions Advisor
Blakeley, Chelsea x521 Admissions Advisor
Boas, Naomi Ayurveda Teaching Clinician
Bock, Marc 714-847-5350 Instructor
Bodette, Thomas x617 Assistant Professor / Department Chair
Bright, Sherise x533 Executive Director of Communications, Brand Management and Health System Marketing
Briseno, Vicente x505 Maintenance Mechanic
Bui, Trung-Hung Instructor
Byous, Rosslyn Associate Program Director/Associate Professor
Byrnes, Ryan x312 Head Trainer


Cabrel, Coco x721 Assistant Professor / Department Chair
Calderon, Maria x319 Admission Advisor
Calhoon, Thomas x142 CX Administrator
Carlos, Jonathan x628 Associate Professor
Cartland, Donna Instructor
Catalano, Melanie Instructor
Chadegani, Fatemeh Instructor
Chang, James x366 Instructor
Chang, Raquel x770 Assistant Registrar
Chapman, Tamy x149 Instructional Technology Specialist
Choy-Unruh, Tiffany x563 Clinician
Christensen, Walter x555 Instructor
Christopherson, Diane Clinician
Cicinelli, Trina x457 Admissions Advisor
Coronado, David x340 Assistant Admissions Manager
Cox, James x426 Clinical Assistant Professor / QA Coordinator
Cruz, Elizabeth x311 Admissions Manager


Dah, Zubin Instructor
Davidson, Angela x409 Assistant Professor
DeLeon, Jose Assistant Professor
Decker, Regina Yoga Instructor
Diaz, Raymond x555 Instructor
Dietrich, Joseph x417 Sports Medicine Resident
Dirks, Sarah x487 Assistant Professor
Dobrinen, Jennifer x430 Principle Faculty
Dominguez, Mirna x426 Data Analyst
Dressler, Kathleen x620 Accreditation Manager
Dreyfuss, Justin Instructor


Earley, Sonya x424 PA Faculty
Eberhardt, Erin x752 Senior Student Accounts Specialist
Egan, Heidi Buchert x533 PT Instructor – Basic Sciences
Egan, Jonathan x433 Dean, LACC
Eggleston, Joe x515 Assistant VP of Auxiliary Operations
Eguchi, Natsuko x406 Web Administrator/Graphic Designer
Eurich, Matthew x435 Assistant Professor


Facchinato Campos, Ana x431 Director of Community Based Clinical Education
Fanning, Michael x312 Sports Medicine Resident
Faria, Jaqueline x769 Marketing Liaison
Farris, Tim x314 VP for IT / CIO
Fedotov, Vitaly x555 Instructor
Firouzi, Sina PT Instructor – Ayurveda
Fernandez, Rosemarie x563 Front Office Lead
Foster, Nicole x536 DI Resident


Galeana, Alejandra x624 BSBS New Programs Coordinator (FT) – SPS
Gallegos, Lisa x563/740 Office Manager, UHC
Gallo, Kelly x316 Assistant VP of Accounting
Galvez, Elano Instructor
Garibay, Grace x521 Admissions Assistant
Ghorbani, Alizamen Instructor
Glenn, Kevin x563 Instructor
Gomez, Erica x494 Instructor (FT) – PA Program
Gomez, Marissia x563 Front Office Associate, Health Center
Gonzalez, Cynthia x734 Senior Financial Insurance Coordinator
Gonzales, Jannet x661 Instructor
Gray, Scott x422 Media Director


Haghghian, Saeideh K Instructor
Hamilton, Gina x476 Assistant Professor
Harris, Jane x412 Admissions Coordinator
Harrison, Robert x503 Director of Physical Plant
Hatami, Leili Instructor
Hernandez, Christina x404 Financial Insurance Coordinator
Hernandez, Keith x563 Report Writer
Hernandez, Samuel x505 Maintenance Mechanic
Hilliard, Tashea Instructor
Hofman, John x661 Tactical Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Homotoff, Kerry x418 Program Director
Horat, Linda x567 Library Assistant
Horrigan, Joseph x613 Executive Director of Tactical Sports Medicine
Houde, Joseph Clinician
Hsiao, Eric x529 Clinical Professor
Hsiao,Lung-Sheng x608 Cl Professor
Huynh, Christine x489 Assistant Controller
Hwang, Henry x425 Assistant Professor


Isais, Ismael x400 Senior Staff Accountant
Itatani, Carol Instructor


Jaffe, Steven x384 Executive Director of Student Affairs
Jahan, Reza x659 Instructor
Jarrell, Patricia x622 High School Anatomy Seminar Coordinator
Jaurigue, Pedro x308 AP Specialist
Ji, Dong x366 Instructor
Jimenez, Janet x563 Front Office Lead
Jimenez, Jose x505 Maintenance Mechanic
Johnson, Glenn x464 Associate Professor
Johnson, Keri x532 Instructor
Johnson, Scott x347 IT Infrastructure Manager
Jordan, Simone x538 DI Resident


Kabbara,Nora Lab Assistant
Kang, Samuel x509 Admissions Technical Analyst
Katzman, Autumn x334 Community Based Clinical Education Program Coordinator
Keroack, Lou Ann Director of Practice Operations, Health System
Khorsan, Raheleh Instructor
Kim, Jerry x458 Medical Director
King, Samantha x353 Admissions Advisor
Kizhakkeveettil, Anupama x493 Professor / Program Director Ayurveda
Kono, Sean Instructor
Kubota-Degracia, Christen x310 Staff Accountant


Labao, Nida x473 Sr. Financial Aid Counselor
Lai, Dolly Instructor
Larsen, Ashley x458 Clinic Director
Laskar, Sonika x563 Instructor
Laufer, Daniela Clerical Assistant
Law, Dennis x555 Instructor
Law, Jonathan x366 Instructor
Leduc Ramcharan, Catherine Instructor
Lee, Clifford x627 Private Practice Clinician
Lee, Felix 909-274-4400 Assistant Professor
Lee, Jason x366 Instructor
Lee, Mikaela Lab Assistant
Lee, Thomas x431 Assistant Professor
Lemke, Christine x645 Associate Professor
Levy, Elijah Instructor
Levy, Ezra Instructor
Lin, Jonathan x366 Instructor
Lopez, Agustin x861 Associate Technical Support Analyst
Lopez, Ernesto x361 Network Engineer
Love, Kyra x569 Student Success Librarian (FT) – LRC
Lu, Pao-Chiang x366 Instructor


Maize, Howard Assistant Professor
Marshall, Anita x450 Accelerated Science Operation Administrator / Enrollment Services
Martinez, Anthony x380 Associate Technical Support Analyst
Martinez, Nina x453 Director of Financial Aid
Matsumoto, Roni Instructor
McCarty, Ruth Clinician
McCune, Kate x470 Director of Enrollment Service
McKenrick, MaryAnn x451 Front Office / Biller
McLain, Nathan IOS Instructor
Meier, Melany Associate Professor
Melka, Hiwot x434 Primary Spine Practitioner
Miller, Judith x468 Ace Assistant
Mir, Sue x520 Assistant Professor
Miramontes, Megan Track III Clinician
Mirbolooki, Reza x466 Professor/Undergraduate Dept Chair
Mitchell, Patricia x146 Transcript Evaluation Specialist
Moegelin, Micah x673 Web Administrator / Graphic Designer
Montes, Anita x319 Admissions Advisor
Mora, Jill x751 Student Accounts Specialist
Mora, Ruben x482 Instructor (FT) – Basic Sciences
Moran-Mariscal, Linda x563 Front Office Associate
Morgan, Tara Clinician Track III
Morgenthal, Anne x448 Professor / P&P Chair
Mueller, Shelley x490 Clinical Coordinator – MSPA
Muoio, Ryan x659 Instructor


Nagare, Melissa x386 Vice President of Health System
Nagatoshi, Mike x463 Systems Analyst Programmer
Nakazato, Hiroki x347 IT Infrastructure Manager
Nau, Teresa x396 Registrar Coordinator
Neill, Maria x769 Marketing Coordinator
Nguyen, Steven x555 Instructor
Nguyen, Tia x659 Instructor
Nilchavee, Saharut x547 Instructor
Noborikawa, Jennifer Research Assistant


Ochoa, Vanessa x659 Instructor
Olver, Otra x421 Instructor
Otte, Kellen x407 Sports Medicine Resident


Papenhagen, Ted x496 Instructor
Park, Andrew x469 Assistant Professor
Parker, Essence Instructor
Parla, Jayagopal Instructor
Pasala, Sumana x659 Instructor
Patterson, Robert Assistant Professor
Perry, Donald Assistant Professor – IOS
Phillips, Luke x377 Assistant VP, SPS
Prado, Matthew Fitness Marketing Coordinator
Price, Jonathan Instructor
Putich, Nancy x423 Student Accounts Specialist


Quintero, Alejandro x312 Front Office Associate


Rabago, Yvonne x373 Senior Program Administrator
Ramcharan, Michael x144 Dean, CSIH
Raspa, Nina x312 Office Manager SMFHP
Rio, Jordan Lab Assistant
Rivera, Roy x556 Senior Staff Accountant
Rivera-Melo, Hector x539 Assistant Professor / Director Center of Diagnostic Imaging
Roca, Jesus xxxx Instructor
Rocke, Mike x356 Special Projects Manager
Rodriguez, Afton x335 Auxiliary Operations Specialist
Rodriguez, Anne Financial Aid Counselor
Rogers, Kelsey x544 Institutional Effectiveness Support Specialist –Educational Assessment
Rohrbacher, Duane x147 Director of Alumni Relations
Ruela, Thales x365 Herbal Pharmacy Instructor
Russell, Robb x315 Assistant VP SCU Health System / Clinical Chief of Staff


Sadri, Samaneh x512 Assistant Dean of Student Success
Sandoval, Esteban Insturctor
Sapien, Vickie x444 Executive Assistant President’s Cabinet
Scaringe, John x330 President
Scheibel, Cynthia x390 Human Resources / Payroll Specialist
Schmalzl, Laura x654 Associate Professor
Schneider, Ira Instructor
Sellers, John x366 Instructor
Sermeno, Nathan x672 Assistant Professor
Shi, Anshen x366 Instructor
Shih, Margaret x366 Instructor
Singh, Preetideep x414 Instructor (FT) – Basic Sciences
Skorin, Carla x388 Associate Dean, SPS
Smirl, Christie Instructor
Smith, Kathleen x367 Executive Director, LRC
Smith, Michael x329 Admissions Counselor
Smith, Vanessa Academic Support
Sokol, Danielle Instructor
Solgi, Tara x555 Lab Assistant
Sonderegger, Ferron x555 Instructor
Soohoo, Kevin x366 Instructor
Stickney, Alexine x555 Instructor
Sullivan, William PA Faculty
Suriano, Astor Instructor
Sweet, Chuck x305 VP for Operations and Chief of Staff
Sweithelm, Megan Lab Instructor


Tafolla, Samuel Associate Technical Support Analyst
Torres-Ellis, Regina x343 Executive Assistant to President and Board of Regents
Towers, Rose Anne x582 Learning Specialist / Counselor
Turbow, David x500 Director of Assessment, OIE


Urteaga, Manuel x429 Clinical Instructor
Uyeno, Nicholas x505 Physical Plant Supervisor


Ventura, Nancy x659 Administrative Assistant, Deans
Valdez, Lori x606 Director of Clinic Operations
Velasquez, David x475 Tactical Sports Medicine Clinical Faculty
Velazquez, Veronica x547 Instructor
Venkatachalapathy, Bharathi Instructor
Vinjamury, Manjusha Instructor
Vinjamury, Sivarama x736 Professor


Wang, Chiao-Nien x366 Instructor
Wanlass, Paul x601 Associate Professor
Ward, Deborah x353 Admissions Adminstrator
Watkins, Deanne PT Instructor – Interprofessional Clinical Sciences
Watters, Jennifer x312 Sports Medicine Clinical Coordinator
Weiss, Laura x366 Administrative Assistant, Deans
Whedon, James x557 Director of Health Services Research/Professor of Research
Wilkes, Joshua x508 Cognos / CX Reports Lead
Williams, Roshalda x513 Instructor
Winges, Donna x366 Instructor
Witt, Sarah Instructor
Wong, Andrea Instructor


Yarbrough, Jennifer x506 Purchasing Agent
Yokoyama, Nicolle x391 Community Outreach Liaison / Admissions Advisor
Yomtob, Curtis x540 Associate Professor
Yu, Jenny x510 Dean, CEM


Zelaya, Ligia Lab Assistant
Zabinski, Lisa x324 Executive Assistant President’s Cabinet

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