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Announcements / 10.01.20

Acupuncture Can Help Coronavirus Patients

An article titled, “Acupuncture could help coronavirus patients, study says,” sparked attention about traditional Chinese medicine offering relief to those suffering from the coronavirus. Based on Harvard research, the release of this information shed light and hope while the world waits for ... Read More
SCU Stories / 02.08.18

SCU Alums on the Front Lines at the Winter Games

The 2018 Winter Olympics will kick off at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium Feb. 9. While athletes from 92 nations will take center stage, dedicated doctors will be behind the scenes — playing a pivotal role in keeping their teams in elite shape. Three SCU alumni will be USOC medical ... Read More
SCU Stories / 02.08.18

An SCU Alum Gears Up for His Fourth Olympics Trip

The dark red spots that dotted the body of Michael Phelps during the Rio Olympics raised eyebrows in 2016. But Kevin Pierce, DC, DACBSP, ‘09 (LACC), was no stranger to the traditional Chinese medical practice—called cupping—which is a popular form of therapy for many professiona ... Read More
SCU Stories / 02.08.18

Alumna Spotlight: Jennifer Watters

Jennifer Watters, DC, LAc, DACBSP ‘08 Dr. Jennifer Watters ’08 (LACC, CEM) is a full-time clinician with Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) Sports Medicine Department. Since February 2017, she has worked with the USOC Chula Vista facility representing SCU. Begi ... Read More
SCU Stories / 02.08.18

Staff/Alumna Spotlight: Annie R. Babikian

Annie R. Babikian, DC, DACBSP, ’13 (LACC) Dr. Babikian ’13 (LACC) is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians and completed a two-year residency in Primary Spine Care. She served as an attending clinician for interns. She has experience through several rotat ... Read More
SCU Stories / 02.08.18

From Salt Lake City to South Korea

SCU Alum at the Winter Games For lifelong athlete Jason Reynolds, DC, DACBSP ’08 (LACC) having a role in the Olympics is a dream come true. “I love Olympic sport. I love the amateurism that’s involved,” he says. Reynolds is a Senior High Performance Health C ... Read More
SCU Stories / 06.23.17

From Stage to SCU

Former dancer finds passion in chiropractic studies at SCU Dance is a beautiful form of expression, athleticism, and creativity, but it can be extremely hard on the body. Just ask Pamela Sommer, a chiropractic student at the Southern California University Health Sciences (SCU). She spent more ... Read More
SCU Stories / 06.23.17

Driven to Chiropractic Care

Student’s passion for giving propels him to pursue excellence at SCU SCU Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC) student, Dylan Hernandez is not content with just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. He is focused, driven, and extremely active in pursuing his educational go ... Read More
Announcements / 06.15.16

Congratulations to the 2016 SCU Graduates!

On Saturday April 23rd SCU held our 2016 Commencement Ceremony at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena. The afternoon was inspiring and uplifting. President Scaringe gave an address that included messages of patient-centered care and being a person and practitioner of value. Ian Coulter, Ph ... Read More

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