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Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


Southern California University of Health Sciences will be recognized as the premier evidence-based integrative healthcare university.


Our mission is to educate students as competent, caring and successful integrative healthcare practitioners.  The University is committed to providing excellence in academics, service, scholarship, and leadership through the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, the College of Eastern Medicine, and the College of Science and Integrative Health.

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Guiding Principles

    • Excellence: We strive to be the best in everything we do.
    • Leadership: We develop leaders to be thoughtful and compassionate individuals who influence their professions and the communities they serve.
    • Integrity: We value treating each other with respect, dignity and integrity and being truthful, fair and accountable at all times.
    • Learning Effectiveness: We value providing a learning environment conducive and supportive of quality instruction, innovation, critical thinking, and effective communication that encourages life-long professional development.
    • Evidence-based/Outcomes-focused: We value a culture of inquiry, assessment, research, and scholarship.
    • Diversity: We embrace a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and cultures by providing a campus that is supportive, safe, and welcoming.

Transforming and Redefining Health and Healthcare Education

The Refreshed Institutional Plan to 2023 provides a sustainable plan for success and growth of Southern California University of Health Sciences. The success of SCU depends upon the ability to anticipate and adapt to future trends in both environments. SCU graduates students and provides programs and services with an eye toward where higher education and healthcare are heading. SCU continues to adapt and change out of a desire for excellence and a need to respond to a changing environment.

View SCU’s Refreshed Institutional Plan to 2023 (PDF)

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