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Tyler Bigenho

Chiropractic has always interested me since I was young. My family went to a great Chiropractor growing up. When it came down to deciding what I wanted to do for a career, it was a no-brainer.

Immediately after I got my license in 2019, I started my own practice. I became successful within a year. My areas of expertise include business, marketing and social media, insurance, soft tissue therapies, diversified techniques, rehabilitation, and going the extra mile for my patients.

I finished my first international Chiropractic trip to Bali, Indonesia. Next up is the Philippines in March 2024. I plan on opening businesses in both Indonesia and the Philippines. I have a big social media presence to spread Chiropractic around the world. I have set up charity work in Indonesia and the Philippines, and plan to open Chiropractic businesses in both countries.

[SCU teaches you] how to integrate other philosophies into a single treatment. The shadowing experience while I was in school tremendously helped me be ready to work right after school. Dr. Bodette and Dr. Carlos were my favorite faculty members, and my favorite classes were the INTERP series. I owe many of my skills to Dr. Kevin Glenn.

Advice for students or recent graduates: You better know how to adjust if you want to have a successful Chiropractic career. The adjustment is powerful, but it is not the only tool a well-rounded practitioner should have. Also, don't be afraid of insurance. It's easy to understand, and can be very lucrative, especially early on in your practice. Shadow as many different types of Chiropractors as you can           .

Tyler Bigenho     

Doctor of Chiropractic (SCU Class of 2019)Bigenho Chiropractic CorporationInstagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Youtube @drtylerbigenho           Cleanspine.com cleanspine@gmail.com

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