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Rodante Saballa

I specialize in Manual Therapy, including joint manipulation, active muscle release, and fascial mobilization. My background is in Exercise and Sports Science, emphasizing Sports Medicine. My experiences have also helped me grow in the fields of functional medicine and wellness.

My greatest accomplishment since graduating from SCU is helping start-up Remedy Place, which can have one of the biggest impacts on Chiropractic and CAM practitioners as a whole.

You only get out what you put into your career. Network, socialize, and engage with people as much as you can. You never know what opportunities someone may have for you if you don't talk to people. Furthermore, you must always be ready for when an opportunity presents itself. We never know when it will happen, but we do know that it will at some point. Will you be ready when the time comes?

I pursued my Doctor of Chiropractic degree because I met the right person at the right time who influenced me to make this decision.

SCU gave me a good foundation in palpation and adjusting skills, helped me advance my knowledge in the sciences, and has a strong alumni network that helped me integrate into the fields I wanted to pursue.

I loved being involved in school organizations and putting ourselves in the position to make a long-lasting impact based on the decisions we make as an organization. My favorite class was Cardiorespiratory Physiology, my favorite club was the SCCA (I might be biased here), and my favorite faculty member was Dr. Andrew Vosko (neuroscience teacher). I loved being in the cadaver lab. Something about seeing the anatomy in person and being able to get hands-on with the bodies really advanced my knowledge of human anatomy.

Advice for students or recent graduates? 

Be open-minded to everything, network like your life depended on it, and keep practicing your adjustments.

Rodante Saballa
Doctor of Chiropractic (SCU Class of 2017)
Instagram : @drrodantesaballa
Remedy Place

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