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Naomi Machimura, DACM

Naomi Machimura is a dedicated and accomplished acupuncturist originally from Japan. Her journey into the world of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine began in Japan when, at the age of 28, her health severely declined. It was then that a female acupuncturist saved her life, igniting Naomi's passion and belief in the power of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Before moving to the United States, Naomi spent a year in Spain, further broadening her cultural and linguistic horizons. She is fluent in Japanese, English, and Spanish. Recognizing the global potential of Oriental Medicine during her time in Spain, Naomi decided to pursue her studies in the United States, where she could learn both acupuncture and herbal medicine—something not possible in Japan, where only pharmacists can study herbal medicine.

Naomi's expertise lies in treating chronic pain related to emotional traumas. Despite the numerous acupuncturists in Orange County, she believes each practitioner is unique and that the community should support each other to grow both professionally and personally. Her biggest accomplishment is managing a successful acupuncture practice while being a mother of two and a devoted wife.

Her educational journey was enriched by great teachers from Taiwan, China, and India, who imparted their knowledge with patience and kindness. Among her most memorable classes were OM Theory 1 and 2, taught by Dr. Jenny Yu and Dr. San Huang, respectively. She also admired Dr. HB Kim, who authored several books and delivered fantastic classes. Naomi holds deep respect and gratitude for all her teachers and peers, who treated each other with respect and kindness.

Naomi strongly believes in treating patients as if they were family, a philosophy that guides her practice. She is committed to uniting the SCUHS community, emphasizing the importance of mutual support and growth.

To connect with Naomi Machimura or learn more about her practice, you can visit her LinkedIn Profile, Instagram, Facebook, or her website.

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