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Megan Jones

Prior to completing my degree with SCU, I had been working as a Chiropractic Assistant, biller, and office manager with Prodigy Chiro Care since 2017. After completing my degree in 2022, I joined the same team in a new role as a treating doctor while still handling major business operations for the company. I’ve gained extensive knowledge working with my boss, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, DC, who has been a chiropractor for over 24 years. His level of knowledge, passion for business, and skill set have made Dr. Rodriguez a tremendous partner in my journey to becoming the chiro I am today, and he has helped mentor me every step of the way.

My greatest accomplishment since graduating from SCU is establishing myself in the industry as a chiropractor skilled in the treatment of acute, severe low back pain. My ability to work through a diagnosis and develop an effective treatment plan to meet patient needs has been a welcomed challenge and so rewarding.

After working in emergency and urgent care settings, it was disheartening to see so many people funneled through the same system for treatment of pain, and I wanted to be a part of long-term solutions rather than a Band-Aid.

SCU provided me with a truly integrated approach to chiropractic medicine. One that established a necessity for various healthcare professionals and demonstrated their ability to collaborate with one another effectively. SCU provided a solid foundation upon which my career could continue to grow and build.

My best memories at SCU were ones that were some of the most taxing and stressful moments with my peers! Hands-on exams with one another, the long days/nights of studying with each other, and the celebrations and sighs of relief were my favorite moments. Dr. Sermeno, Dr. Mora, Dr. Wanlass, and Dr. Bui were some of my favorite professors to work with!

What advice would you give to students or recent graduates? 

Don’t dwell on “bad” scores or missed opportunities. Keep moving forward and keep an open mind. Try not to make a quick decision about what you’d like to do or how you’d like to practice just yet. There’s so much out there to learn and absorb.


Megan Jones
Doctor of Chiropractic (SCU Class of 2022)
Instagram : @ drmegjones
Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab
www. Prodigychirocare.com

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