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Keiko Hamano, DACM, DC, LAc, CMT

Keiko Hamano, DACM, DC, LAc, CMT ('18)

Keiko Hamano, DACM, DC, LAc, CMT ('18)

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic, SCU Class of 2018

My interest in health and wellness stems from my early involvement in athletics and my fair share of injury recoveries. The areas I took interest in at SCU are mirrored in my current areas of expertise:

  • Family medicine- pediatrics, perinatal care, fertility
  • Internal medicine- digestive issues, stress/anxiety, mental health
  • Sports medicine- orthopedics, pain management

Becoming a dual-licensed practitioner has been my greatest accomplishment since graduating SCU. It took about a decade from the time I was in massage therapy school until I finished both my DC and DACM programs, but I finally made my dreams come true!

I decided to pursue my current career because I saw and experienced first-hand the power of holistic medicine with acupuncture and Chinese medicine and chiropractic. As a fourth-generation Japanese American, I also wanted to connect to my cultural and ancestral roots more deeply, so I sought out teachers and mentors disseminating Japanese style acupuncture and the techniques of Japanese Meridian Therapy in the US.

SCU helped prepare me for my current career by providing the foundation for working in an integrative, multidisciplinary setting. SCU provided me with opportunities to connect with and learn from dual-licensed practitioners, as well as gain insights into the life of a dual practitioner and what my future held as I pursued a similar career path. SCU helped me see what was possible and opened my mind and perspective.

I absolutely love what I do! I am passionate about educating patients and empowering them to take control of their health and wellness while providing support along their journeys. I utilize my knowledge and skills in Eastern and Western medicine to facilitate a patient’s innate healing capabilities. I love tapping into my creativity to provide individualized care to address each unique patient condition. It is fulfilling to witness the progress patients make.

Advice for students and recent graduates: Take care of yourself first and foremost! You are your number one priority, and you must take care of yourself and fill your cup first to be successful in the healthcare field. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Self-care is not selfish; it is essential to your longevity.

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