Henry Hwang

Henry Hwang

Henry Hwang

Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Education, Clinical Faculty, Faculty

Phone: (562) 943-7125, Ext. 425

Email: henryhwang@scuhs.edu

Eastern Medicine Department


I’ve always been fascinated with the workings of the human body. After graduating from U.C. Irvine with a degree in biology, I enrolled at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and earned my Doctorate of Chiropractic. After working for a few years as a chiropractor at a busy multidisciplinary work injury clinic, I developed a bad habit of eating lunch at my desk while working and having late dinners, and wondering why my stomach was a mess and my bowels were totally erratic. When western medicine seemed to only alleviate my symptoms temporarily, I eventually turned to acupuncture. After a few months of treatment, my stomach was happy once again. That was when I decided I wanted to broaden my scope of practice and enrolled at Southern California University of Health Sciences and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s in TCM, and certified by the California State Board of Acupuncture shortly thereafter. I’ve come to believe that pain and disease are not simply an inconvenience, but rather information: our body's the only way of telling our brain that we’re doing something it doesn’t like. What makes chiropractic and acupuncture such powerful tools is their ability to help the body get more out of its own natural healing resources, and return the body to its homeostatic state. With over 16 years of clinical experience, I’ve seen chiropractic and acupuncture get patients out of pain and return them to their daily activities; and I love to be able to share these powerful treatments with everyone.


  • LAc.- Licensed Acupuncturist
  • BLS - Basic Life Support (CPR for professional rescuers and healthcare providers)

Selected Publications

  • Vertebral Artery Pseudoaneurysm: A Case Report – Secondary author.  Approved for Journal of Chiropractic Medicine and awaiting publication.

Selected Presentations

  • Combining Master Tung Points with Classical Acupuncture in the Management of Pain – Will it Meet the Need of the Opioid Crisis? – Poster presentation for Society of Acupuncture Research,  Burlington, VT.  June 27-29, 2019

Current Activities

  • International Chiropractors Association of California, lifetime member
  • United Acupuncture Association, lifetime member
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