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Daniel Perez

Daniel A. Perez

Daniel A. Perez

As Director & Global Head of Patient Experience, Diversity and Inclusion for Worldwide Clinical Trials, I served as leader, strategic counselor, and architect for Worldwide's patient engagement, diversity, and inclusion efforts across 60 countries and 5 therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, metabolic, neuroscience, oncology, and rare disease.

Prior to joining Worldwide, I was Chief Executive Officer of Macro Trials, a specialty clinical research platform providing drug development solutions in regulatory and commercial strategy for global rare disease biotech and pharmaceutical clients. I am also an adjunct instructor for Clinical Research Fastrack where I enjoy teaching the next generation of clinical researchers.

SCU helped me complete my bachelor's degree while working full-time. With completion of my degree, I was able to go after the jobs that I had previously not qualified for because of degree requirements, and [SCU] also provided me with a sense of community with lifelong friends.

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