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Fixed Rate Tuition Program

New Fixed Rate Tuition Program

Fixed Rate Tuition is the tuition program for students entering degree programs at Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) for the first time in fall 2018. The tuition rate a student pays will stay the same as long as a student maintains continuous full time enrollment in a degree program. Continuous full time enrollment means that the student stays enrolled and graduates either on time or with one additional term, and the student does not take a leave of absence of more than one term. Fixed Rate Tuition rates are higher than traditional rates because they are based on the projected average of flat rate tuition over the duration of the academic program. As with traditional tuition, the Fixed Rate Tuition amount will vary depending on the program the student is enrolled.

How does Fixed Rate Tuition work?

The Fixed Rate Tuition program works by locking in the tuition rate at enrollment for the duration of your enrollment in your academic program1.

How does this benefit me?

It means that you don’t have to worry about any unexpected increases in your tuition costs. From day one you will know exactly how much your tuition is going to cost for the duration of your academic program1 so you can plan your finances with confidence.

I am transferring to SCU from another institution. Will I qualify for Fixed Rate Tuition?

Yes! The tuition rate you start with when you enroll at SCU will be fixed for the duration of your academic program1.

What happens if I take longer to graduate than the planned duration of my program?

If you take one additional term more than the planned duration of your program, your tuition rate for that additional term will be the same as the rate that you paid for all other terms. If you take more than one additional term than the planned duration of your program, the rate for extra terms will be based on the then-current rate for new full-time students.

Tuition Rate Coverage

The Fixed Rate Tuition rate defined above includes tuition only. Fees and other charges are not fixed, and are subject to change. Fees and other charges associated with attendance at the University include (but are not limited to): student fees, lab fees, room and board, textbooks, supplies, fines, transcript fees, late registration fees, drop/add fees, examination/testing fees, and other voluntary fees.

The Fine Print

The Fixed Rate Tuition Program covers only tuition charges as defined, from time to time, by the University and in no way limits the University’s rights in respect of matters, including University charges, not covered hereby. The benefits of this Agreement are not assignable to any other student. The student will make payments in accordance with the University payment policy.

If the enrollment of the student is canceled for any reason (including withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion), the amount of the refund shall be in accordance with the general refund policy of the University. The University reserves the right to offset any amounts refundable hereunder against any amounts owed by the student.

1 Rate is fixed as long as you graduate on time, or on time plus one additional term.

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