Sunny Nilchavee

Sunny Nilchavee

Sunny Nilchavee

Instructor, Program Director, Faculty

Phone: (562) 947-8755 x547x-2


Health Science Program, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Massage Therapy Program


Although being born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Sunny has always had a fascination with alternative and ancient healing arts, especially those of his native background country, Thailand. Having been diagnosed, treated, and fighting against ALL Leukemia for most of his childhood at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, he realized that although modern medicine provided control of cancer, it wasn’t until he had ceased the treatment that his body began to recover and thrive on its own. With this curiosity of the body’s ability to heal itself and wanting to understand how we develop throughout our life spectrum, Dr. Sunny pursued studies that helped him understand the human process (B.S. in Gerontology, University of Southern California and M.S. in Early Childhood Education, University of Southern California) and even more, how to treat and help people utilizing complementary and integrative healing (D.C., Southern California University of Health Sciences). Between 2003 and 2004, Dr. Sunny also traveled to Thailand to study Thai Traditional Massage also known as “Nuad Thai Pan Boran”, and in 2004 was chosen by the Royal Thai Consulate General of Los Angeles to work with the Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine for the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand, gaining deeper insight into the ancient healing art. Dr. Sunny has extensive experience in teaching and developing curriculum for Massage Therapy and Bodywork education, including his roles as faculty and Program Chair for the Massage Therapy Department at Bryman College, Alhambra Campus and as Program Director and faculty member for the Massage Therapy Certificate Program at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, School of Professional Studies, where he continues to lead and teach today. He also teaches for the Ayurveda Wellness Certificate program and the College of Science and Integrative Health. "Massage Therapy at SCU is patient-centered therapeutic bodywork vital to integrative healthcare; incorporating professionalism and skill mastery. Our students and graduates are prepared to be professional, competent, caring healthcare providers who are ready to work and contribute to an integrative healthcare team."


  • Massage Therapy Specialty Training

Current Activities

  • Clinical Working Group (CWG), Massage Therapy for ACIH (Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health)
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