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Mindy Mar, DC, CCSP, DACBSP, ICSC, CAC  ('02)

Mindy Mar, DC, CCSP, DACBSP, ICSC, CAC ('02)

Doctor of Chiropractic, SCU Class of 2002

I have over 25 years of experience working with a variety of professional teams and athletes in the NFL, USOPC, Team USA, Bobsled & Skeleton, US Paracyling, PGA, MLB, NHL, WTT, Team Canada Cycling, USA Cricket, London Games 2012, World Games 2017, World Sports Games 2019, America’s Cup 2010, ASU and numerous World Cup and regional/World Cup qualifiers all around the world.

I've done pretty much everything a chiropractor can do and then some! But becoming board certified in animal chiropractic is probably the biggest accomplishment to date.

I am a board-certified animal chiropractor, a dually licensed certified chiropractic sports physician® and a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians®, the highest level of academic achievement for a sports chiropractor. I currently work on-site at 4 different veterinary clinics in San Diego, providing animal chiropractic and rehabilitation services under DVM supervision.

I am passionate about animal chiropractic and physical rehabilitation, preventative healthcare, and pet loss grief support. Working with or treating small animals is the hardest job I've ever had as a chiropractor. I never appreciated how “easy" it was to examine and treat human patients until now. Huge shoutout to everyone who works with animals, especially the DVMs and vet techs.

After I graduated [from] Arizona State University back in 1997, I didn't know what I wanted to do thereafter. So I opened up the yellow pages and found Dr. Alan Palmer, team chiropractor for the AZ Diamondbacks and Phx Coyotes, picked up the phone and asked if their office was looking for any assistance. I worked side by side with Dr. Palmer for two and half  years before heading to chiropractic school at LACC (before it was SCUHS). He taught me everything I was willing to learn about the profession and field of chiropractic as I knew nothing about chiropractic beforehand. For anyone who is happy to know me as a chiropractor, please thank Dr. Alan Palmer and his lovely wife Carol for bringing me on and teaching me so much about the science, art, philosophy and business side of chiropractic. They are the reason I became a chiropractor!

SCU is heavy on academics, which I really like. It's been a while since I was in chiro school, but I believe I started as early as term 3 with trial practical exams for real life case management scenarios. I enjoyed all the rotations that came with term 7-9 and felt extremely prepared way ahead of all 4 board exams, which I passed all on the first try with very high scores. Years later, SCUHS also played a vital role in my Diplomate training via American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.  I took my education and training to the fullest extent with a 2 week rotation offered to me by the Olympic Training Center upon completion of my Diplomate program, which led me to Team USA Para Cycling, Bobsled & Skeleton, on several World Cups around the world, and eventually the London Games. Thank you SCUHS!

My time during chiropractic school was one of the best times of my life. Always will be. I still remember what anatomy lab smells like. I still remember the breakfast burritos at the cafeteria. I still remember eating lunch outside at the tables with classmates. Little things like going to Denny's after anatomy lab to grind out more studying in preparation for the midterm exams with fellow classmates... the bonding that occurs during times as such have never been forgotten on my end. I was part of a very loud, boisterous, somewhat unruly term and I very much appreciate all the instructors and deans who put up with us for so long back then. I've known Dr. Scaringe for a very long time, way before he was President. I can honestly say he's the best gem and asset SCU has.

Advice for students and recent graduates: Grind it out. To some degree it is about the destination (graduating and being successful as a DC one day) but it will happen before you know it, so don't take for granted the good times in school because right now you really are living the good old days. Be cool to your instructors and faculty staff, they're grinding too (more than you realize). It's ok if you don't know exactly what you want to specialize in or where you'll be in 10 years. It took me several years out of school to find my niche and I have reinvented myself as a chiropractor several times over the years.

Be sure to take care of yourself physically - eat clean food, stay hydrated, lift weights, get or stay physically fit. Your livelihood is dependent on how strong and healthy you keep your body.

Be mindful that patients are watching your every move, every facial expression, taking notice of small things like how you smell, how clean your nails appear to be, your attire, the cleanliness of your office, the music you have on, your bedside manner. Don't be self conscious about it but do put in some effort to make a good first and on-going impression to the community at large.

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