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Jessica Mehraban

Jessica Mehraban, a Southern California University of Health Sciences alumnus and functional medicine PA-C has charted a unique path in the healthcare field, deeply influenced by her educational and professional experiences. Her foray into functional medicine was sparked during her PA School Integrative Health rotation, where she witnessed the profound impact of a holistic approach on patients with chronic conditions. This transformative experience solidified her commitment to a career in functional medicine, focusing on the root causes of illness.

Through her platform, “healthylifebyjess,” Jessica aims to educate and inspire a global audience on the importance of holistic nutrition and lifestyle choices. She offers virtual consultations specializing in gut healing, hormone balancing, and more, and co-founded “The Functional Social Club,” an online wellness community. Jessica’s dedication to integrating nutrition with medicine has grown stronger, driving her to explore all health pillars and solidify her passion for gut health.

Jessica's approach is not just about providing medical advice but about empowering her patients to take an active role in their own health. She works closely with them, fostering a collaborative environment to develop personalized treatment plans that incorporate nutrition, lifestyle changes, and natural therapies alongside conventional medicine.

Jessica's story exemplifies the transformative power of functional medicine, underlining her unwavering commitment to improving patients' lives by addressing health at its roots, and her narrative serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring health professionals and patients alike.

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