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Chuck Sweet

Chuck Sweet
President’s Chief of Staff / VP for Operations

As President’s Chief of Staff and Vice President for Operations, Mr. Sweet brings an extensive breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the higher education arena, and has served from the back room to the Cabinet and Board Room for companies including CampusWorks, Northcentral University, Cology, Champion College Services, Nelnet, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University, among others.

Over his 35 year career, Mr. Sweet has grown higher education institutions and organizations, managing all areas including sales, marketing, business and product development, operations, IT and productivity opportunities, and academic areas across all sectors of higher education, proving himself a results oriented leader successfully managing multi-million dollar cost centers with leading technologies, product offerings, and innovative expense management.

Sweet’s areas of expertise include private-public partnerships, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions and IPOs, new product opportunity research and introduction, major account development and management, channel development and management, market planning and development, product life cycle management , operations management and engineering, market communications planning, and information technology management.

Mr. Sweet was an early adopter and innovator, successfully designing, coding, launching, and trade-marking one of the first default management solutions provided to institutions of higher education. Additionally, Mr. Sweet identified the team, led design, oversaw development, and launch of the first end-to-end, fully web enabled student services platform which allowed students, parents, and schools to process 100% paper free from inquiry, through the student’s entire life cycle and to student loan repayment if applicable.

Mr. Sweet holds a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology (Multinational Business and Futures Research) from Northern Arizona University and a Master of Public Administration (Budget and Finance) from Arizona State University. Mr. Sweet is an accomplished, classically trained, concert violinist.

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