Caleb K. Zia, MSEE, PE, EdD

Caleb K. Zia, MSEE, PE, EdD
Executive, Finance & Investment, Academic & Student Affairs

Dr. Caleb K. Zia, is an American citizen of Chinese descent. He has lived in the United States of America for more than forty years, and has earned his Bachelor and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering (BSEE & MSEE), and his Doctor degree in Leadership in Higher Education (EdD), all from the University of Southern California. His doctorial dissertation on “China’s Critical Educational Access Demand and United States Higher Education Distance Learning Curriculum: An Answer?” won him the distinct honor of “Dissertation of the Year Award.”

Dr. Zia is a registered Profes0sional Engineer (PE) in Control System Engineering (PE) in Control System Engineering in the State of California. He is President of the Chesterfield Corporation, a consultant company. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golden Coast Bank as well as a member of the Asian-Pacific Islander Community & Business Leader Roundtable of Wells Fargo Bank. His previous business involvement included serving as a member of the Board of Director of Pacific Liberty Bank, General Manager and Managing Partner of Hotel Pueblo, President of Maui Airlines, and Director as well as Board Secretary to the Board of Directors of Grand National Bank.

For the past eight years, Dr. Zia was instrumental in organizing and implementing the Sias International University, an affiliate of Zhengzhou University of China’s Henan Province. He served as its Provost for the first three years and later was appointed to be Provost Emeritus for Sias International University. He also served as the first director of the Asia Affair Liaison Office of the Fort Hays States University in Kansas and subsequently as its Associate Dean of the Virtual College. Sias is the first University in China that allows the offering of dual degrees by the Chinese Ministry of Education; a Chinese degree from Zhenzhou University and an American degree from Fort Hays States University. At present, Dr. Zia is appointed to the position of Provost for the Beijing Normal University at their Zhuhai Campus, as International Representative of the Jilin Architectural and Civil engineering Institute at Changchun, and Consultant of International Education for the Tianjin University of Science and Technology in Tianjin.

Dr. Zia’s involvement in education also included serving as Director of Recruitment & Special Project Coordinator for the University of Southern California (USC), as Director of the Center for International Trade Development for the Coast Community College District (CCCD), as President of International Technological University (ITU), and as a member of the Executive Board of Effective Education Foundation of the Huntington Beach Union High School District. Currently, he is President of China International University (CIU), a Member of the Board of Directors of the Cancer Education Research Foundation, Chairman of the American Institution of Knowledge Management, Inc., (AIKM), Vice President of Educational Services Exchange with China, Inc., (ESEC), Senior Advisor of China Affairs for the John F. Kennedy University and as its Representative for the Dr. John B. Tsu Asian Pacific Institute. He is also the Director of External Relations of China for the School of Social Work of the University of Southern California as well as Senior Advisor of Education on U.S.- China Comparative Education Research Program for the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles.

Being very much involved with the community in which he resides, Dr. Zia was a founding member of the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County and served as its President. He was also instrumental in the organization of the Minority Business Council of Orange County for which he first served as its Executive Director and later as its President. Dr. Zia has served as Board Member of the Goodwill Industries of Orange County, Board Member of the Volunteer Center of Greater Orange County, Board Member of the World Affairs Council of Orange County, Board Member of the California Small Business Association, Board Member of the Community Technology Policy Council, Member of the Pacific Bell’s Telecommunication Consumer Advisory Panel, and President of Pacific Symphony Orchestra’s Chinese American League. Currently, he serves on the Board of Community Care Health Centers and as Chair of the Chinese American Cancer Foundation of Southern California.

Dr. Zia is also active in local governmental affairs. Through the years, he has been appointed to numerous positions including: member of the Orange County Transportation Authority Citizen Advisory Committee, Board Member of the Orange County Overall Economic Development and Planning Committee, etc. all by the County Supervisors of Orange County. He was also appointed by the Governor of California to the Statewide Pupil Assessment Review Panel; to the California Public Utility Commission’s Electric Deregulation Education Committee; as well as to the California State Board of Pharmacy of which he served as Board Treasurer and Chairman of its Education Committee; serving the state of California for more than ten years. For his services, he was presented with the 1993 MBG Minority Person of the Year Award; the 1996 SBA Small Business Administration, Minority Small Business Advocate of the Year Award; and the 1999 Protocol Foundation Certificate of Recognition.

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