Bonny P. McClain, MSc, DC

Bonny P. McClain, MSc, DC
Finance & Investment | Health Systems | Audit Committee

Dr. Bonny P McClain is the founder and creative force behind Grapheme Consulting, Inc., the data-focused website Data & Donuts and the evolution of Alzheimer’s Disease in a popular blog, Alzheimer’s Disease: The Brand. Embracing a powerful scientific narrative Dr. McClain informs the design and analyses of real-world evidence utilizing both non-proprietary and proprietary data from large claims databases, electronic medical records, registries, and prospective clinical studies. Dr. McClain both tells stories with data found in the clinical literature and translates complex statistical concepts in an approachable and informative voice. More recently, she has focused on pragmatic and hybrid study design approaches by integrating ancestry data to yield a deeper understanding of genetic variants–and to replace race as a biologic proxy for social determinants of health.

Dr. McClain is a member of both the National Association of Science Writers and Association of Healthcare Journalists allowing access to a wide variety of medical conferences, plenaries, society meetings, health policy discussions, and patient advocacy forums. It is this 360 degree perspective that has made Dr. McClain a sought after collaborative partner and powerful narrative voice in the future of the healthcare ecosystem upstream to actual diseases as well as a guide for point of care decisions informed by high quality evidence-based medicine.

Dr. McClain has published a series of guides to help navigate the complex healthcare ecosystem and is a graduate of Rutgers University (BSc), University of North Carolina-Greensboro (MSc) and Southern California University of Health Sciences (DC).

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