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Alumni / Mentor Network - Iowa

DC Member

Brad Brooks, DC

Contact Information


226 Bluebell Road
Cedar Falls, IA 50613


Dr. James Bradley Brooks received a BS in Kinesiology at UCLA before receiving his DC degree in 1985. He enjoys working in the Occupational Health Department at Sartori Hospital, and with Outpatient Rehabilitation (providing general chiropractic services) at Covenant Medical Center. He also works on in-patient rehabilitation with brain and spinal cord injury patients for Covenant Medical center. Dr. Brooks is a Disability Evaluation/Independent Medical Examiner and chairman of the Hospital Networking Committee. “Also I'm a active board member in the Iowa Pain Institute (IPI) a multidisciplinary organization of physicians who review the latest research journals from different disciplines regarding pain.” His interests include being involved with the Boy Scouts of America with his sons, Iowa Baseball and Football Leagues, “my family, collecting fine wines, and some golf.”

Chiropractor is available for:

  • Email Exchanges
  • Personal visits per chiropractor's choice
  • Shadowing by prospective student during working hours