Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a study room?
Groups of three or more are encouraged to reserve a study room using our study room request form. Requests can be submitted up to a week in advance for two hour blocks of time. They will be processed within one to two business days. Due to testing and popularity of the rooms, not all requests will be granted.
Where do I find out more about tutoring?
The Academic Support Office is in charge of the tutoring program. More information can be found at their tutoring page.
Can I renew books online?
Not at this time. Books, DVDs, audiocassettes, and other loaned items must be renewed by a library staff member. This can be done via email, phone, or in person. You do not need to bring the item in with you.
How do I get a job at the library?
Send your information to [email protected] if you wish to be considered for employment.
Are there books that I can take home with me?
Yes! All the books in the General Collection may be checked out for two weeks. This includes older editions of your required textbooks, career development books, and many other useful books. We also have select copies of board review books that are available for a one-week loan. To find a book, search the catalog and make note of the call number: you can search by title, subject, author, and keyword. The books themselves are located in the General Collection room, or “Quiet Room.” If you’re having trouble finding a book, ask library staff for help.
I’m having trouble logging into databases.
If you are having difficulty accessing a database off-campus, all logins and passwords have been provided on the Databases pages. Please do not share this information with those outside the SCU community. Contact the LRC if you have further difficulty.
How do I get the full text of an article?
First, see if the article you want is available for free in the database or index you are using. If the article is available, there is usually a PDF icon or a link to another site where the article is free. Also check our catalog to see if we carry the journal you need. We have many print journals on site. If the article you want is not available in our print collection or for free on PubMed or through one of our subscription databases (such as Ebsco) then you may request that we get it for you. Go to the “Article Request Form” page and fill out the form as completely as you can and submit it. You may request up to three articles per day. Articles usually arrive within 1 to 3 days, and they will be emailed to you in PDF format. If we find that the article you need is in our collection, we may ask you to come to the LRC to retrieve it. Please DO NOT purchase articles.
I don’t live close to campus. Can I study at another library?
The LRC has partnership agreements with many neighboring college and university libraries. These agreements allow SCU Students to use their libraries and collections. To do this, you must have your SCU ID card and an IEALC card. An IEALC card can be obtained through a lottery system at the beginning of every term. An IEALC card can be obtained from LRC staff. The cards are good only for the term issued, so you must get a new one each term. We are limited in the number of cards that can be issued, so do not delay. You may use any of the libraries listed below. The link will take you directly to the library website – check the hours and go. Remember you must have your SCU ID card and an IEALC card for access. Study hard and if you need any help, please come see us first in the LRC.

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