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President's Circle

page_images/Scaringe_John_1.jpgThe President's Circle at SCU plays a critical role in the advancement of the Southern California University of Health Sciences. Members of the Presidents's Circle are individuals committed to academic excellence, the enhancement and development of new programs at the University and the promotion of integrative healthcare.

The President's Circle shall function as a discretionary fund for the President to fulfill the vision and mission of the University as opportunities arise. All donations to the President's Circle shall be placed in a restricted fund for the discretionary use of the SCU President.

Membership is the President's Circle begins with a minimum donation of $1000 annual to this specific program. All members of the President's Circle will receive up-date on activities of the University, be invited to all SCU events and will receive recognition in the SCU Alumni Repot and other Campus publications as appropriate.

List of President Circle Members

  • Dr. William Valusek
  • Dr. William Moreau
  • Academy of Chiropractic Education
  • Dr. Ron Lau
  • Dr. Jeff Bowne
  • Mark Dederichs, DC, Lac
  • Martin Gallegos, DC
  • Ronald S. Hodges, JD
  • Ron Lau, EdD, MBA