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Only SCU students, faculty, staff and Alumni Association members in good standing may borrow from the LRC. You may check out up to four (4) items at a time. All loans are at the discretion of the Executive Director, LRC – materials may be withheld if they are in-demand by the students or faculty. Books (General Collection) may be borrowed for fourteen days (14). A/V materials (General Collection) are available for seven day (7) loans. A fine of $0.50 per day will be charged for late returns. Current students, faculty and staff can renew materials once either in person, over the phone, or via email. Alumni Association Members are not eligible for renewals. Reserve materials may be checked out for a two hour loan during the class day. A fine of $10 will be charged for every late return. Fines will continue to accrue at $10 a day until materials have been returned. Reserve loans cannot be renewed. Reference materials circulate only to faculty members. Failure to return materials on time and/or pay fines will result in loss of renewal and borrowing privileges, an academic hold or hold on diplomas and transcripts, or be charged to the Student’s account. Staff overdue fines will be referred to SCU Human Resources.

FINES: Materials checked out from the circulating collections are fined $0.50 (50 cents) per day to a cumulative maximum of $15.00 per book. Reserve materials are fined at $10 a day. Fines accrue even when the library is closed.

Faculty, students, staff and alumni who owe overdue fines on materials are restricted from borrowing until all fines have been paid. Overdue fines must also be paid before materials can be renewed.

Materials not returned to the LRC within thirty days will be considered LOST materials. Overdue fees plus retail replacement cost, plus $35.00 processing charge must be paid. If the item is no longer in print, borrower may be required to obtain a replacement item or pay for item to be replaced through a third-party rare book vendor.

Remember that you are responsible for all the materials checked out in your name, as well as for all outstanding fines. As the borrower, you are expected to protect the materials in your possession and to return them directly to the LRC by the date due. Please take care to return your materials on time and pay for all fines promptly. Loss of materials and failure to pay outstanding fines will result in notification of either the Business Office or the Human Resources Department for appropriate action.   Privileges may be withdrawn if there is evidence of abuse of the LRC policies.

Lost & Damaged Materials
If you lose any library material or fail to return materials within 30 days, you are responsible for the retail replacement cost, any overdue fines incurred, and a processing fee of $35.00. If the item is no longer in print, borrower may be required to obtain a replacement item or pay for item to be replaced through a third-party rare book vendor. If you think you have lost any library material, please notify the LRC staff as soon as possible, so the accrual of overdue fines will cease.

If materials are damaged so as to be judged by the LRC as being unsuitable for the collection, the borrower must pay the replacement plus processing costs. A notice of these charges will be sent to the borrower.

Material Checkout
Most materials are checked out for a maximum of 14 days. Reserve materials may be checked out for two (2) hours. Students and Alumni Association members can check out up to four (4) items at a time. Faculty may check up to ten (10) titles at a time, for 1 month.

Renewals & Holds
Materials can be renewed by phone, e-mail or in-person in the LRC. Current students, faculty, and staff may renew any regularly circulating items once (1 time).

You may place a hold on General Collection material that is checked out. Inquire at the Reference Desk or by email.   If there is a hold on the item for another person, a renewal is not permitted. You will be notified by e-mail when the materials reserved become available.


Return of Materials
Please return materials promptly so that others may use them. Materials must be returned to the staff at the Circulation at the LRC. Do not return materials through SCU interoffice or U.S. Postal Service mail.

Check the catalog for materials on reserve (such as textbooks, equipment, study guides, etc.). Loans for these materials are two hours. Please take care to return reserve material on time or costly hourly fines will incur. Return reserve materials to the staff at the Circulation Desk.

Magazines & Periodicals
Periodicals do not leave the library. You may photocopy the information required within the constraints of SCU Copyright Policy.

Southern California University of Health Sciences

Learning Resource Center


  The LRC has nine (9) designated Student Study Rooms. There are two (2) Individual Study Rooms (max. 3 people), six (6) Group Study Rooms (min. 3 people, max. 6 people) and one private, quiet Study Area located in the rear of the General Collection Room. Additionally the LRC has the Tutoring Center, located off the Computer Lab, which has 4 group study areas available for use. All study areas are “first-come, first-served” on a daily basis. White board markers and erasers may be checked-out (2-hour) by students at the LRC Main Desk. All areas are to be left clean and neat by the users. Groups of three or more are encouraged to reserve a study room using our study room request form on my.scuhs.edu. Requests can be submitted up to a week in advance for two hour blocks of time. They will be processed within one to two business days. Due to testing and popularity of the rooms, not all requests will be granted. Notices will be posted on the SR to show room reservations. You will be emailed with a confirmation of your reservation. Please note: an individual student can reserve a study room no more than 2 times per week.   The Tutoring Center tables may not be reserved. The Tutoring Center and the GC Study Area are all quiet or “low-voice” areas.  

Southern California University of Health Sciences

Learning Resource Center


The LRC retains one copy of most program textbooks in our Reserves Collection.  Bones, herb sets and other demonstration materials are also available.  These materials are held at the Main Desk. Reserve materials may be checked out for 2-hours and may NOT be taken out of the LRC. There are no overnight loans of Reserve materials.   Older Reserve material:  The LRC will keep copies of earlier editions available in the General Collection for two-week loan.

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