SCU’s “Healing Hands for Humanity” Helps Underserved Populations

news-and-events / SCU Staff / 11.22.16

Healing Hands For Humanity” is a Humanitarian Group at SCU providing healthcare to underserved populations.  During a designated community outreach event at SCU, the student group treated over 75 people in under 3 hours!

Special Thanks to the Following Interns for their Service:

Interns: (T7-10)

Hannah Yoon

Crystal Benton

Courtney Brandenburg

Hanin Haywatmeh

Brittney Yeo

Chelsea Serrano

Ha Truong

Pre Interns: (T2-6)

Jeffery Matson

Christine George

Keiko Hamano

Carrie Huang

Observation (T1)

Thang Bao Pham

healing hands team after offering services

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