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Alumni Scholarship Fund
General Scholarship Programs
Presidential Scholarship Fund
The Dana Goodrich-Deane Scholarship

Impact Society

The Dana Goodrich-Deane Impact Society

President's Circle

President's Circle - Minimum Donation $1,000

Memorial Scholarships

Dr. Andrew Whelchel LACC Memorial Scholarship

Seabury Learning Resource Center

Enhancements to the Rare Book Room and Historical Collections
Improvements to Technology in the Student Computer Lab
Upgrades to Library and Database Collections

Annual Giving Program

Classrooms & Lab Improvements
Technology Upgrades in the Classrooms
Upgrades in the Chesney Student Center
Where the Need is the Greatest


Research Programs in Complementary and Integrative Healthcare

Student Programs

Humanitarian Trips to Serve the Underserved
Sports Injury Council
Student American Chiropractic Association

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