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SCU Making a World of Difference!

SCU thrives on the notion that healthcare is essential to changing the world. We are deeply committed to our mission of developing students into caring, competent, and integrative practitioners who are making a world of difference as members of their communities and leaders in the future of integrative healthcare.

Our impact is not just here and now, nor is it bound to classrooms and clinics throughout greater Los Angeles. It extends across the world and well into the future as today’s students and alumni are prepared to lead the healthcare system of tomorrow.

The motivation for the Making a World of Difference campaign and how it relates to SCU's mission is detailed in SCU Launches “Making a World of Difference” Campaign.


  • Research

  • Dartmouth Partnership

  • Distinguished Faculty

  • Innovative Curriculum Design

  • Leading Diagnostics

  • Rotations

  • Basic Sciences

  • Clinical Sciences

  • SCU Health System


Faculty, staff, and students publish research regularly on a variety of topics. Research is published on this page, through blog articles, and on our social media channels. Articles and other publications are also syndicated through many other domestic and international media channels.

Dartmouth Partnership

We are proud of SCU’s ground-breaking spine care partnership with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire. The Spine Care Project is an innovative approach to the treatment of spine-related injuries which promises higher value, more cost-effective, patient-centered outcomes. An SCU clinical fellow is also employed at Dartmouth hospital as project lead clinician for this spine care research project.
Read the full blog on this initiative.

Distinguished Faculty

Our distinguished and highly recognized faculty is one of the many ways SCU is set apart. We are fortunate to have cultivated an environment where scholar-practitioners thrive and become sought after speakers, presenters, researchers, contributors, and much more. Many of our faculty’s published research may be found on this page.

Innovative Curriculum Design

SCU has maintained an evidence-based, outcomes-focused, academically rigorous curriculum while enhancing ongoing learning strategies and clinical experiences for over a century. Since 1911, SCU has been a leader in innovative curricular design, incorporating lectures and laboratories in addition to a significant amount of additional means of instruction. The combination of course design and clinical experience equips students to change lives and as competent, practice-ready practitioners.

Leading Diagnostics

Students become proficient in cutting edge diagnostic methodology and practice on par with industry leading medical schools. Excellence in diagnostics, treatment, and technique aligns our mission to educate truly patient-centered and integrative healthcare practitioners.


Graduates are prepared for practice with a blend of rotations through a network of affiliated private practices and base clinics. Rotation partners include the Cal State, University of California, many other university health systems, and the largest free clinic in the country.

Basic Sciences

The first year of most programs concentrates on the basic sciences to provide a solid foundation of understanding how the body is organized on a cellular, tissue, and organ level, along with regional interrelationships. Some technique courses start in term one and occur every term until the clinical year. Students do this in an inter-professional educational environment by being in classes with students from a variety of healthcare professions; learning about, from, and with each other.

Clinical Sciences

Several classes take advantage of the inter-professional educational opportunities at SCU, but with many practice specific courses, the second year of study usually builds upon year one by focusing on how basic science knowledge about structure and function relate to the clinical presentation of a patient in both health and disease.

SCU Health System

Students put basic and clinical science knowledge to work in consulting with, diagnosing, and treating real patients under the supervision of licensed doctors and with peers in other professions. The graduate is fully prepared to lead in today’s evolving healthcare environment.

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