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Making a World of Difference | Caring

SCU Making a World of Difference!

SCU thrives on the notion that healthcare is essential to changing the world. We are deeply committed to our mission of developing students into caring, competent, and integrative practitioners who are making a world of difference as members of their communities and leaders in the future of integrative healthcare.

Our impact is not just here and now, nor is it bound to classrooms and clinics throughout greater Los Angeles. It extends across the world and well into the future as today’s students and alumni are prepared to lead the healthcare system of tomorrow.

The motivation for the Making a World of Difference campaign and how it relates to SCU’s mission is detailed in SCU Launches “Making a World of Difference” Campaign.



“SCU Cares” is a part of the “Making a World of Difference” campaign that highlights the many ways we carry out our mission to be caring, competent and integrative. This page focuses on some of the many “SCU Cares” initiatives and stories of caring for others in our community and beyond.

SCU Cares Initiatives:

  • Whittier Clinic

  • Being Alive Coalition

  • Bolivia Mission Trip

  • Aids Lifecycle

  • Annual Taiwan Trip

  • Healing Hands for Humanity Club (H3)

  • Blood Drives

  • Student Club Service Projects

  • Community Education

  • Creating a Culture of Caring

  • Service to Homeless Veterans

Whittier Clinic

Recently, the Whittier Community Resource Clinic opened a medical center—providing a true opportunity for integrative healthcare in a community setting. SCU’s Dr. Aghlara works closely with medical doctors at the center, offering prescription notes and cross-referring patients.

Being Alive Coalition

SCU is a proud member of Being Alive’s Integrative Wellness Center which includes acupuncture, counseling, meditation, and nutritional counseling. SCU clinicians and student interns provide chiropractic services to a predominantly HIV positive population twice each week.

Bolivia Mission Trip

SCU faculty and students traveled to Cochabamba, Bolivia to provide care to underserved communities, orphanages, and elementary schools.

Aids Lifecycle

Every year SCU faculty, staff, and students follow riders from San Francisco to Los Angeles providing various types of treatment daily from 1pm-9pm. Learn more about the Aids Lifecycle.

Annual Taiwan Trip

SCU Acupuncture students travel to Taiwan each Spring to support and observe the use of acupuncture treatment in the hospital setting.

Healing Hands for Humanity Club (H3)

H3 is one of SCU’s many clubs that specifically exists to care for and treat various underserved communities. The group goes to various locations at least once per month. Follow them on facebook and Instagram at @h3scuhs.

Blood Drives

SCU hosts Red Cross Blood Drive events twice per year in the Standard Process Pavilion. See the SCU Cares event listing below for more information on the next event.

Student Club Service Projects

SCU has over 25 active student clubs and/or affiliations. Each club takes on a service project. Projects include beach cleanups, delivering care packages to homeless men and women on skid row, food/clothing/blood/health drives, packages sent to overseas military, and much more.

Community Education

SCU has many offerings for the local community. Most are free or collect voluntary donations. Some include yoga classes, tai chi, self defense, fitness offerings, health fairs, and many others.

Creating a Culture of Caring

SCU is in the process of assessing and creating a culture of value behaviors and listening to each other. Learn more about this endeavor in this interprofessionalism and culture change article.

Service to Homeless Veterans

SCU students recently volunteered at the 1st Annual Vista Stand Down providing care to North San Diego County’s Homeless veterans, veterans in need, and their immediate dependent family members. Read more here.

SCU Cares Stories:

SCU’s "Healing Hands for Humanity" Helps Underserved Populations

November 22, 2016

Healing Hands For Humanity" is a Humanitarian Group at SCU providing healthcare to underserved populations.  During a designated community outreach event at SCU, the student group treated over 75 people in under 3...

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SCU Chiropractic Students Provide Service to Homeless Veterans

February 7, 2017

SCU chiropractic students volunteered at the 1st Annual Vista Stand Down providing chiropractic care to North San Diego County’s Homeless veterans, veterans in need, and their immediate dependent family...

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Upcoming SCU Cares Events:

There are no scheduled events. Please check back soon for upcoming SCU Cares events.

Making a World of Difference: Student Stories

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Driven to Chiropractic Care

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Angelica & Martha:
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