Alumni Association Benefits

Alumni Association Benefits

Membership and Benefits

Every membership makes your degree more valuable and helps support the University’s mission of teaching, research and community service. Contributions allow us to expand our efforts in professional advancement and practice rights, while assuring students, faculty and alumni the campus resources to guarantee the future of our profession.

Benefits of Being a Member:

  • Use of library, with two complimentary PUBMED (medical) or MANTIS (chiro) searches
  • Access to x-ray facilities through the Diagnostic Imaging Department
  • One complimentary x-ray interpretation through the Diagnostic Imaging Department
  • Referrals to D.C.’s in geographical regions through the Alumni Department
  • Discount on transcripts through the Office of the Registrar
  • Entertainment discounts (up to a $200.00 value)

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The SCU Alumni Association is continually expanding its services and benefits for SCU Alumni Association members. For more information regarding SCU Alumni Association membership or benefits, please contact the SCU Alumni Association at (562) 475-5147 or [email protected].

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