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Health Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Health Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Specifically designed with healthcare providers in mind, this rigorous training demonstrates how health coaching benefits both practitioners and their patients.

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Format: All courses are online (synchronous and a-synchronous) except for one weekend intensive
Start Dates: April 2nd, September 4th
Program Length: 7 months
Cost: $4,200

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Program Highlights

  • Designed specifically for healthcare professionals, including, but not limited to, medical doctors, physician assistants, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, ayurvedic practitioners, etc.
  • An in-depth understanding and experience of a powerful coaching methodology.
  • Clear practitioner-patient goal setting, applicable to all aspects of clinical care.
  • Effective case taking and case management through clearer identification of outcomes for patients.
  • Increased ability to maintain an authentic healing presence.
  • Sustainable patient outcomes.
  • Increasingly effective communication skills, such as active listening and asking powerful questions, in service of desired patient outcomes.
  • Increased ability to set healing interventions that deepen patients’ self-responsibility.
  • Personal support from successful faculty, who are active professional coaches, and like-minded peers.

Certification Information

This program is designed to meet the educational requirements set by International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC).

Upon completion of this program, participants are eligible to apply to sit for the ICHWC certification exam to be qualified as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

The application for approval by the ICHWC will be submitted with anticipated approval by Fall 2018. Please contact us for additional information.

Continuing Education

This program is approved for 24 live hours of continuing education credit for the DC, LAC, and ND professions in the state of California.

It is also pre-approved for 24 live hours of continuing education for the chiropractic profession in the following states/provinces/territories: AZ, BC, CO, CT, DC, DE, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, MA, MB, MD, MS, MI, MT, NB, NE, OH, ON, OR, PR, RI, SC, UT, VA, VT, WA, WY

This program also may fulfill continuing education requirements for many additional healthcare professions and states/territories/provinces. Registrants are responsible for contacting licensing bodies for respective health professions to confirm approval.

For more information contact us at or call (877) 434-7757.

Course Schedule and Descriptions

Class starts in the Spring the week of April 2nd. First live class of Module 1 is April 5th. Module Two in-person weekend at SCU May 4-6. Class Finals week is October 22nd.


Fundamentals of Health Coaching

Online Weekly: 1-hour recorded lecture, 2-hour live class

This opening module introduces the primary coaching core competences providing a comprehensive overview of the process of mastering coaching skills through this program. Topics include an overview of the current emergence of health coaching in healthcare, an introduction to current research supporting positive health outcomes through coaching, and an overview of the coaching process with its four foundational areas – setting the foundation, co-creating the relationship, communicating effectively, and facilitating learning and results. Weekly recorded lectures coupled with live online training provides a unique learning structure providing flexibility for busy adult learners.


Communication, Presence and the Coaching Process (24 hours)

In-person intensive at SCU

The three day in-person intensive emphasizes communication, growth and development and the unique ways in which health coaching effectively enhances the clinical encounter. Communications skills including creating awareness, asking powerful questions and active listening are explored and applied. Initiating and developing a strong and empathic coaching presence is facilitated using mindfulness and positive psychology practices.


Coaching Structure, Facilitating Learning and Managing Progress

Online Weekly: 1-hour recorded lecture, 2-hour live class

The essential coaching structures form the content for module 3: coaching methods for establishing a coaching agreement, assessing clients’ strengths and readiness for change, developing a healing topic, and designing an effective coaching plan. Creating specific learning practices that facilitate desired health outcomes, assessing impact and effectiveness while managing and holding clients accountable through the coaching process are engaged. Participants practice these methodological elements through hands-on partner work and with a practice client.


Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches

Online, recorded: self-paced, independent learning Health professionals

Health professionals are often familiar with current perspectives in lifestyle medicine. Health coaching utilizes the same basic health and wellness interventions for the most common chronic conditions including hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome. Considerable research supports lifestyle interventions including proper nutrition, increased physical activity, proper sleep, stress reduction, reducing smoking and substance abuse. Consisting of 15 one hour recorded lectures, this module is self-paced independent learning.


Applied Clinical Coaching A: Setting a Strong Foundation

Online Weekly: 1-hour recorded lecture, 2-hour live class

Participants begins a unique, integrated learning track involving observation, supervision and advanced topics of applied health coaching. In this initial module of a three-part clinical sequence, participants learn both through direct observation of faculty coaching, and while working with a mentor in small supervisory groups. Supervision provides necessary support as participants initiate coaching with two volunteer clients. Applied Clinical Coaching A emphasizes the initial clinical coaching encounter including client assessment, program design and initial development. Advanced topics include methods for working with resistance.


Applied Clinical Coaching B: Ongoing Growth and Development

Online Weekly: 1-hour recorded lecture, 2-hour live class

Applied Clinical Coaching B continues both observation and mentor supervision. The emphasis is deepening one’s ability to develop practices that support ongoing client development through cycles of learning. Shifting the learning from the coach/client interactions during the coaching session to the client’s ongoing learning between live sessions strengthens the overall effectiveness of the coaching process. Advanced topics include motivational theory and Immunity to Change.


Applied Clinical Coaching C: Completion and Beyond

Online Weekly: 1-hour recorded lecture, 2-hour live class

Applied Clinical Coaching C emphasizes completion of the coaching process. Learning to properly assess the entire coaching process such that clients effectively take the learning forward for sustaining change after completion provides powerful closure for clients. Advanced topics include integration of coaching into clinical settings.


Final Assessment and Moving Ahead

Online Weekly: 1-hour recorded lecture, 2-hour live oral final

Effective assessment of coaching skills is the final stage of program completion and certification. The final coaching assessment involves demonstration of competency by directly coaching a client while faculty observes and provides written feedback. Next steps in utilizing coaching skills in clinical settings are also discussed.

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Joel Kreisberg

Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, PCC, CCH
Program Developer and Instructor

Dr. Kreisberg is the founder and Executive Director of the Teleosis Institute,, a not-for-profit institution devoted to Coaching and Narrative Healing. Dr. Kreisberg brings 29 years of leadership to his work as an integrative physician, teacher, coach and change agent. He holds credentials in chiropractic (New York College of Chiropractic), homeopathy (Hahnemann College of Homeopathy), and coaching (Integral Coaching Canada).

After becoming an Integral Master Coach™ in 2012, Dr. Kreisberg integrated his coaching style into his clinical practice in homeopathy and nutritional medicine. Dr. Kreisberg continues to teach his method as Narrative Health Coaching at the Teleosis Institute. In 2016, Dr. Kreisberg co-authored Coaching and Healing: Transforming the Illness Narrative ( He maintains a private practice, Integrative Homeopathic Medicine, in Berkeley, CA.

Ruth Marlin

Ruth Marlin, MD

Ruth Marlin trained as an Internal Medicine Physician at the University of Tennessee, the Mayo Clinic and the University of British Columbia. For 13 years, she worked with Dr. Dean Ornish at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute as a Lifestyle Retreat Physician; as the Medical Director of the Prostate Cancer Lifestyle and Geminal Trials and as the Director of Medical Education. Most recently, Dr. Marlin served as the Associate Director of the Northern California Melanoma Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco. She is a diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Medicine. She is now a Health and Wellness Coach, having completed the Certification in Narrative Health Coaching. She lives with her husband in Berkeley, California.

Reggie Marra

Reggie Marra, MA, PCC

Reggie is an Integral Master Coach™, a Registered Mentor Coach with the International Coach Federation and Creative Director at Teleosis Institute. An award-winning poet, and author of eight books, his And Now, Still and Coaching and Healing:Transcending the Illness Narrative were released in 2016. Reggie serves on the faculty at Integral Coaching Canada and has conducted hundreds of poetry, narrative healing and adult development workshops for organizations that include the National Association for Poetry Therapy, The Transformative Language Arts Network, the Connecticut Office of the Arts, Healing Newtown, the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire, the National Wellness Institute, Iona College and in schools throughout the northeastern United States. More information:

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