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Clinical Genomics and Precision Medicine

Clinical Genomics and Precision Medicine for Healthcare Professionals

The genomics revolution is already here – be prepared

Your patients have questions – and now you will have the answers. Don’t be left behind when it comes to the rapidly growing areas of genomics and personalized medicine that are transforming healthcare.

Immediately increase the value of your practice, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction through a unique program that is unique in health professional education.

Perfect for busy professionals

All courses are 100% online and you can work at your own pace. This is ideal for busy healthcare professionals. Customize your course package with options for full package, bundles, or à la carte.

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Courses and Pricing

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Biological Foundations Courses
Introduction to Precision Medicine
Review of Basic Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Epigenetics and the Latest Discoveries in Molecular Genetics
Anatomy of the Human Genome
Inherited Genetic Disorders
Precision Medicine in Practice Courses
Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing in Medicine
Gene Panels for Specific Medical Conditions
Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Testing and Newborn Screening
The Human Microbiome
Precision Medicine in Behavioral Health and Psychiatry
Online Resources for Clinicians
Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing and Report Interpretation
Precision Medicine and Cancer Courses
The Biology of Cancer
Precision Medicine and Advances in Targeted Oncology
Mutagens, Carcinogens, and Cancer Prevention
Professional Issues Courses
Regulatory, Privacy, and Ethical Issues in Clinical Genomics
Licensing Boards and Professional Organizations
Healthcare Economics
Technology and Methods Courses
Cytogenetics Technologies and Techniques
Molecular Genetics Technologies and Techniques
Nucleic Acid Sequencing Technologies
The Future of Genomics and Precision Medicine Course
Emerging Trends in Genomics and Precision Medicine


Per Course – $6,750 total

Recommended option – includes all 25 courses for the most comprehensive training and highest level of expertise in genomics and precision medicine available.

Group pricing available for health centers, hospitals, and health systems.

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Best Value

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An Absolute Must-Have for All Health Professionals

Genetic testing has already hit the mainstream. There are genetic test panels for inherited cancer syndromes, cancer predisposition, and drug response prediction. Patients are even purchasing direct-to-consumer testing kits in grocery stores and pharmacies. Today’s healthcare provider must now have a working knowledge of genomics to properly read and interpret genetic test reports.

20 years ago it took multiple labs and millions of dollars to sequence the human genome. Now it can be done by one person with a desktop sequencer. There has been astounding progress in understanding the influence of genes on health and disease. Genomics and precision medicine now touches practically every area of medicine.

Use in Practice Immediately

Each course emphasizes practical information. Learn to perform and read genetic reports/tests. Know how to confidently and comprehensively guide patients on testing, interpretations, and much more.

This is Not Taught in Medical School

This is a one-of-a-kind program developed by leading experts and reviewed/endorsed by well-known and reputable thought leaders. This program is necessary to have current, up-to-date knowledge in this rapidly changing field.

Critical Legal/Ethical Implications

There are many issues, obligations, and challenges providers should understand. Learn the regulations, privacy, and ethical considerations all practitioners must be aware of.

Technology is Changing

Physicians and healthcare workers in the 21st century should understand genomic technologies and how they will impact their practice. Students will learn about the technology used in genetic testing and be better informed to refer to a laboratory that uses proper technology to benefit patients most.

Why Choose SCU?


SCU is one of the nation’s most reputable health science institutions with over 100 years of establishment, the highest academic standards, and over 20 years of regional accreditation through WSCUC (Same as many top universities.)

Founded in 1911, SCU has a history of providing the highest levels of patient care and a reputation for excellence in evidence-informed curriculum, programs, and course offerings.


You will receive a Certificate of Completion for each bundle (or full program). Courses may be potentially used as transfer credit. SCU may provide a transcript showing completion upon request.

This program is currently in the application process for Continuing Medical Education (CME). Contact us to be added to our mailing list for an alert upon approval.

Free Webinar Recording

Hear directly from Dr. Handley in this free webinar recording discussing:

  • The Genomics and Precision Medicine revolution is already here: How it will impact you and your clinical practice.
  • Rethinking medication prescribing: how each individual’s unique genetics affect drug response.
  • The ecosystem within: how gut microbes can affect our physical and mental health.
  • Bringing cancer treatment into the 21st century with targeted molecular and immunology-based therapies
  • Direct-to-consumer genetic testing: what health professionals need to know.

Program Developer and Lead Instructor

Dan Handley, M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Handley serves as the Chief Scientific Officer of the Clinical and Translational Genome Research Institute. He also holds a courtesy faculty appointment in the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University. His areas of specialty include drug-gene interactions (pharmacogenomics), microbiome research and metabolomics, DNA and RNA sequencing, computational systems biology, and machine learning. He previously served as Chief Scientific Officer of Life-SEQ, LLC, a clinical genomic sequencing consulting and services company, as Chief Scientific Officer for Advanced Healthcare Technology Solutions, Inc., as a senior researcher at the Procter & Gamble Co., a senior administrative analyst and laboratory manager at the UCLA School of Medicine, and as a founding technologist for the National Genetics Institute, in Los Angeles, California. He holds a B.A. in Biophysics from Johns Hopkins University, an M.S. in Logic and Computation from Carnegie Mellon University, a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from the University of Pittsburgh, and did his post-doctoral training at Magee-Womens Research Institute in advanced genomic technologies applied to fetal and maternal health.

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Course Format

All courses are self-paced and delivered 100% online in a series of topical modules using a mixture of text, graphics, video, animations, exercises, and short quizzes to optimize student comprehension and retention of material. Qualified faculty will answer your questions through virtual office hours, so no student is left on their own.

Periodic free webinars will be given by expert guest speakers in areas of special topical interest.

Elements included in each course include: Why the course is necessary, introduction, curriculum, key points/summary/main takeaways, glossary of terms, short quiz of 25-40 questions that may be retaken until passing.

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