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Q and A Guide for Our BS in Health Science

Is the program already approved by WASC?
How many semester credits are associated with the B.S. in Health Science?
This is a 128 semester/trimester credit program.
How many transfer credits are generally required or allowable for transfer?
This is a degree completion program and requires 56 regionally accredited semester credits (or equivalent) to transfer into this program. An accredited A.A. degree from a community college should satisfy this credit expectation.
Is there credit that can be earned in relation to significant life or work experience?
Are there general education (GE) requirements for graduation from this program?

Yes. Students must satisfy coursework in (A) Humanities-6 credits, (B) English/Writing-6 credits, (C) Math-6 credits, (D) History-3credits, (E) Foreign Language-3 credits, (F) Social Science-9 credits.

These can be satisfied as part of the 56 credits already completed (most would have satisfied this) or in addition to and taken concurrently while in the program.

What are the general admissions requirements (to be considered)?
(1) One college level math course, (2) one college level English/Writing course, (3) completed application, (4) Completed FAFSA, (5) Cum GPA-2.5 or better, (6) reference letters, and (7) 56 credits.
How many trimesters/semesters is the program?
The program is six trimesters (following our existing DC/DAOM trimester format), or two calendar years.
How many courses are taken in a given trimester/semester?
Students take one course at a time per five week period. They may take up to three courses per trimester, and each course is 4 credits.
When are courses going to be offered i.e. format of the curriculum?
This is a weekend (Friday night lab [5-10pm] and all day Saturday [10am-6pm]) class with asynchronous on-line learning, reading, assignments, and quizzes offered during the week. The fifth weekend of the course is entirely online and students do not need to meet on campus.
Are there additional requirements beyond the courses involved with this program?
Yes, there are. In addition to some field experience, there are writing assignments and projects woven throughout the curriculum. Additionally, a faculty-guided and -supervised undergraduate capstone will be required.
What will this program help prepare me for?
Students will be prepared to apply to several professional health fields i.e. nursing, medicine, PA, dentistry, chiropractic, AOM, etc. (contingent on the requirements of each school).

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