B.S in Biological Sciences


BS in Biological Sciences

It’s not too late to finish what you started. Get the education you deserve and earn a BS in Biological Sciences through the Bachelor’s Completion Program (BCP) at Southern California School of Health Sciences. SCU’s accredited program offers convenient, flexible scheduling and a high-quality educational experience to help you accomplish your goals faster.

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Program Length: 2 years
Start Terms: Fall/Spring
Cost: $8,342/term*

Weekend Classes Designed for Busy Learners Like You

Convenient Schedule

BCP’s weekend classes provide a flexible schedule so you can continue to fulfill personal, family, and professional obligations while you finish your degree. Our program can help you find the right balance and make the most of the free time you do have available.

Two-Year Completion

BCP is a six trimester program that takes two years to complete. Once you start the program, the finish line is already within reach.

A Supportive Community to Keep You on Track

Small Class Sizes

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1, BCP offers a personalized learning experience. In this close-knit environment, you can ask questions, participate in engaging class discussions, and get to know your professors and the other students in your class.

A Strong Network

In SCU’s Bachelor’s Completion Program, you’ll join a cohort of classmates who support your journey. You’ll have the opportunity to make genuine connections with your peers and network with a variety of future health care professionals.

Take the Next Step Toward Your Dream

You’ll get there faster with the accredited Bachelors’ Completion Program at SCU.

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*Tuition rates are subject to change and may not be reflected on this website or other SCU materials. Please contact us for the most updated information. For a complete listing of SCU fees, please refer to the academic catalog.

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