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Clinical Internship for Ayurvedic Practitioners

Clinical Internship for Ayurvedic Practitioners

This course is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for ayurvedic clinical practice. Student interns will actively participate in patient care while under the supervision of an ayurvedic practitioner. Students will also engage in various other educational experiences. During the clinical internship, students will meet specified course objectives that satisfy the program learning outcomes. Students will receive hands-on training in patient care and will be able to apply this knowledge in Ayurvedic patient care. Upon completion, students receive a certificate of completion.
Prerequisites: Completed Ayurvedic Practitioner Program Schedule: Total 60 hrs 4 hrs/week for 15 weeks – 60 hrs Fee: SCU graduates – $800 Practitioners from other colleges – $900
Who will be eligible to take this program? This Program is offered to all SCU Ayurvedic Practitioner Alumni as well as for the students who have completed Ayurvedic practitioner certificate program from other NAMA approved school.

Expected Gained Competencies

  • Assess the state of DOSHA, DHATUS, and MALAS through taking a comprehensive Ayurvedic history.
  • Deduce an Ayurvedic diagnosis based on the examination findings.
  • Formulate an Ayurvedic management plan incorporating nutrition, lifestyle recommendations, herbs, therapies and yoga considering the DOSHA imbalance and the patient’s health status.
  • Select and perform selected Ayurvedic therapies.
  • Identify and select single herbs or a combination of herbs for uncomplicated conditions.
  • Demonstrate appropriate hygiene in the clinical environment.
  • Demonstrate effective communication with diverse audiences.
  • Generate and maintain accurate and legible patient records.
  • Comply with professional and ethical standards and responsibilities involving patient care.

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