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Description: The course is designed to convey general concepts, methods, and applications of microbiology for health sciences. The role of microorganisms in the environment and in human disease is discussed. Topics include: immunology, bacteriology, virology, and mycology; the morphology, biochemistry, and physiology of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi; the diseases caused by these microorganisms and their treatments. Laboratory portion of the course provides first hand experiences that inform, illustrate, expand, and reinforce major concepts discussed in lecture.

Registration for in-classroom or hybrid course offerings include lecture (BIO231) and lab (BIO231L).

Upcoming In-Classroom Course Offerings (Lecture and Lab):
Sep 21, 2019 - Oct 16, 2019 (Saturday/Sunday)
Sep 23, 2019 - Oct 16, 2019 (Monday/Tuesday)
Oct 19, 2019 - Nov 13, 2019 (Saturday/Sunday)
Nov 16, 2019 - Dec 18, 2019 (Saturday/Sunday)

Upcoming Hybrid Course Offerings (Lecture Online with 4-day Intensive In-Classroom Lab):
Oct 17, 2019 - Nov 13, 2019 (in-classroom lab MTW 11/4 through 11/6 (8am-5pm), Thursday 11/7 (8am-10:30am))
Nov 14, 2019 - Dec 18, 2019 (in-classroom lab MTW 12/9 through 12/11 (8am-5pm), Thursday 12/12 (8am-10:30am))

Highly Recommended Prerequisite: General Biology II (BIO116 and BIO116L) or equivalent
Lecture Hours: 45
Lab Hours: 0 (online lecture only) or 30 (in-classroom and hybrid)
Total Units: 3 (online lecture only) or 4 (in-classroom or hybrid courses that include lab)
Course Format: Accelerated Science Courses take place in 4 or 5 weeks. Classes and laboratories are offered in many formats such as daytime, nights, weekends, in-classroom, hybrid (classroom and online), and 100% online. All courses repeat regularly, giving many opportunities to complete the course(s) you need.

Classes fill quickly, so please do not wait to apply. Students are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. All courses are listed in SCU publications and the application regardless of the current number of registrants. Registration is not confirmed until an email is sent. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please confirm registration by emailing [email protected].

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