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Speak with an admissions advisor. 562-475-4604


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Description: This course will examine the development and function of the brain. It will assess various sensory systems, and how neural processes inform the human experience through sleep, sex, emotion, hunger, and other aspects of consciousness. An assessment of causes of brain damage and various psychiatric disorders will also be reviewed.

Highly Recommended Prerequisite: High School Diploma or equivalent and Psychology I (PSY102) or equivalent
Lecture Hours: 60
Total Units: 4

Course Format: Accelerated Science Courses take place in four or five weeks. Starting on March 13th, all on-campus courses and labs were shifted to online. Classes and laboratories are currently offered in two formats. Interactive Online, which previously were our on-campus courses and Self-Paced Online, which were already online courses. All courses repeat regularly, giving many opportunities to complete the course(s) you need.

Once the campus reopens, SCU will provide details and directions for students relating to the transition back to on-campus learning. As soon as that date has been determined, SCU will notify students.

Future Healthcare Leaders Encouraged to Start Their Journey Now

We’ve developed two ways for you to accomplish your learning goals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Interactive Online (lectures and labs): Prior on-campus courses are now being delivered online via an interactive online format (specific class times). That means you attend the course during a scheduled time, just like if you were to drive to class. Interactive Online classes provide group-based virtual learning through Zoom. Classes happen in real time with required attendance during a set schedule. Students can participate in group discussions with classmates and the instructor. This format is suited for students who prefer to learn with others, who like the structure of coming to class at a set time, and who may need additional review of foundational concepts.


  • Self-Paced Online (lectures): SCU’s traditional online lecture courses fit into this format (no specific class times). Self-Paced Online classes provide the chance to study at your own pace (as long as you meet certain assignment due dates) and meet individually or in small groups with instructors as needed via Zoom at times that work for the students (after an initial Zoom meeting, there are no required attendance times). This format is best for students who need flexibility in their schedule and who are self-directed learners with recent exposure to relevant foundational knowledge in their course subject.Note: All online labs will continue to be run in the interactive online format with specific class times, as this is necessary for the simulation of a hands-on lab experience. Labs are offered on a four-week schedule or an intensive week-long schedule, both with specific class time requirements.

All classes cover the same learning outcomes, have the same rigor and similar pacing of assessments, and are taught by the same experienced instructors. All classes at SCU are recorded in the same way on transcripts (i.e. there is no indication of modality on the transcript).

Transferability of online lab credits: As is always the case, SCU or any institution cannot guarantee the transferability of our courses because those decisions are made by the receiving institution. The Department of Education has asked all schools to take into consideration these emergency circumstances related to COVID-19 and online instruction. Students are encouraged to continue their education uninterrupted during this global pandemic, and therefore are encouraged to complete their labs online. You may want to contact your institution to determine their policy about online versus on-campus labs, which may change due to the global pandemic.

Regardless, SCU is committed to making on-campus labs available when the campus is able to reopen and resume normal operations. Students who have completed a course with an online lab that determine later that they need a ground lab will be given the opportunity to “make up” the ground lab.

Exams: Exams will be proctored remotely through Proctorio or Tegrity. Interactive Online students need a webcam and the Proctorio Google Chrome extension. Self-Paced Online students need a webcam and must demonstrate their ability to use Tegrity before taking exams. Instructors have adapted their quizzes and exams to assess mastery of materials. In addition to the usual multiple-choice question exam format, you may also be tested via short essays, oral exams, and home-based projects.

Once the campus reopens, SCU will provide details and directions for students relating to the transition back to on-campus learning. As soon as that date has been determined, SCU will notify students.

What to Expect

  • Your instructors will use a combination of Zoom and Canvas to deliver your classes, enable discussions, and make all aspects of learning happen remotely.
  • You should be prepared to use these tools to connect with your instructors and other students.
  • If your course includes a lab, your faculty will let you know details.
  • You will be contacted by your faculty directly about the details of your course. Please keep an eye on your SCU email and Canvas. Please note that each faculty member may manage their class slightly differently.

Attend Class

Attend your class in Zoom or through Canvas

Manage Class

Learn and manage class work in Canvas

Join Class

Join in class discussions through Zoom chat or Canvas


Accelerated Science Course Overview

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