Get the Science Courses You Need

SCU offers more than 20 flexible and convenient accelerated science courses. Courses are completed in as little as four weekends and have been accepted at numerous colleges and universities.

Course NamePrerequisites
Anatomy & Physiology IHigh School Diploma or GED
Anatomy & Physiology IIAnatomy & Physiology I
BiochemistryGeneral Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry I
BiopsychologyPsychology I
Chemistry for Health SciencesHigh School Diploma or GED
College AlgebraIntermediate Algebra
General Biology IHigh School Diploma or GED
General Biology IIGeneral Biology I
General Chemistry IHigh School Diploma or GED
General Chemistry IIGeneral Chemistry I
Human AnatomyAny Biology Course
Human Biology IGeneral Biology I, General Biology II
Human Biology IIHuman Biology I
Human GeneticsHigh School Diploma or GED
Human PhysiologyHuman Anatomy I
Intermediate AlgebraElementary Algebra
MicrobiologyHigh School Diploma or GED
Organic Chemistry IGeneral Chemistry I, General Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry IIOrganic Chemistry I
Physics IHigh School Diploma or GED
Physics IIPhysics I
Psychology IHigh School Diploma or GED
Psychology IIPsychology I

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