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Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

Welcome to the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic - Southern California's Premier Chiropractic University. We are committed to excellence in health care through excellence in healthcare education. We pride ourselves on the clinical applicability of our curriculum.

Program Learning Outcomes

Assessment & Diagnosis
The graduate will utilize appropriate clinical reasoning skills to accurately assess and diagnose patient conditions.

Management Plan
The graduate will develop a comprehensive patient care plan.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
The graduate will apply epidemiological principles to promote health and prevent disease.

Communication and Record Keeping
The graduate will communicate professionally.

Professional Ethics and Jurisprudence
The graduate will exhibit legal and ethical behavior as a health care professional.

Information and Technology Literacy
The graduate will locate, evaluate and integrate research with other evidence to manage health related issues.

Intellectual and Professional Development
The graduate will integrate and adapt to evolving knowledge and skills.

Hands on Experience

One of LACC goals is to provide hands on experience as early in the curriculum as possible. This includes adjusting and examination skills. In addition, early observation in the clinic and field doctor's offices are a hallmark of our curriculum.


Starting the fourth term and continuing until graduation students are offered wide variety of Selectives. These are elective courses that allow you to pick and choose a specialty track as you go through your education. These may include but are not limited to sports medicine, nutrition, diagnosis, functional medicine and research and business skills.

Community Based Internships (CBI)

Our CBI Department contains many opportunities for the student to spend time in field doctors' offices. It is our philosophy that exposing students to field doctors' practices as early as possible and continuing it throughout their education is very important to help solidify the classroom and clinical education they receive on campus.

The CBI experience consists of supervised field observations which can occur as early as 4th term It also includes Private Practice Rotations which start in 8th term and continue until the intern goes on to Preceptor in 10th term. In addition there is a Postceptor opportunity called Optional Clinical Preceptorship Training for those that have graduated but are still waiting to be licensed.

Clinical Rotations

We have an on-campus health center, the University Health Center – Whittier. In addition we have base clinics in student health centers at Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Northridge, and Cal State LA along with Mount San Antonio College. LACC has rotations to several community colleges, the VA, Orange County Rescue Mission, LA Free Clinic, Being Alive Clinic, and LA City Help. These rotations allow our students to spend their internship in three primary areas. One is their base clinic under the supervision of their clinician; another being our satellite rotations under the supervision of our clinical faculty and lastly in our in Private Practice Rotations under the supervision of field doctors who have undergone our credentialing process.

Community Service

Our Healing Hands for Humanity club provides many opportunities for students to treat the various underserved and underrepresented populations. In addition our clinical faculty and our sports medicine residents provide many opportunities for student to treat in athletic events.


The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic has three full-time on campus Residency Programs, one in Diagnostic Imaging, one in Sports Medicine and one as a Primary Spine Care Practitioner. Our students spend time rotating through both of these residencies to get hand-one experience under the direction of the Residents.

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