College of Science and Integrative Health

College of Science and Integrative Health

SCU’s new College of Science and Integrative Health (CSIH) is where new programs will not only be created and incubated, but existing science departments will develop and excel. Led by dedicated administrators and faculty, CSIH will house two newly-created divisions: The Division of Health Professions and the Division of Integrative Health Sciences, both of which are explained briefly below. In addition to those divisions, it also is home to the existing Department of Professional Studies (DPS), which administers  the University’s single-subject weekend accelerated Basic Science courses, Ayurveda Certificate Program, Massage Therapy Certificate Program, and Continuing Education for both chiropractors and acupuncturists.

CSIH Mission

The mission of the College of Science and Integrative Health is to provide excellence in academics and clinical studies with an emphasis on evidence based practices, scientific reasoning and information literacy in order to prepare our students to become competent and successful integrative healthcare professionals.

Current Program Offerings

Department of Professional Studies

Our Department of Professional Studies is a leading continuing education provider for integrative healthcare professionals, characterized by inspired teaching, relevant programs, and selfless service to healthcare professionals and community. SCU offers short and long-term courses in many specialty areas. SCU also offers distance learning packages as a component of long-term programs.

Division of Health Professions

Through our new Division of Health Professions, we strive to provide education that will lead students into any health profession of their choosing. The Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree completion will provide students with a strong foundation for further education to become successful practitioners and professionals. This division will also grow and nurture new degree programs. Below, you will find a link to our Bachelor’s Completion Program page, as well as some information about exciting programs that we hope to soon offer.

Division of Integrative Health Sciences

Although CSIH’s Division of Integrative Health Sciences is a new entity, it houses several familiar SCU institutions. Led by Dr. Gena Kadar, this division is made up of not only the Department of Basic Sciences, but also the Department of Interprofessional Clinical Sciences. Both of these departments offer classes to students regardless of which degree program they are in, and are therefore integral to have under the same roof in CSIH.



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