Speak with an admissions advisor. 562-475-4604

Speak with an admissions advisor. 562-475-4604

Teach With Us

Teach With Us


SCU and NUHS are proud to provide Continuing Education credit for organizations and independent educators seeking to host courses across the U.S and Canada. As an accredited body, the NUHS post-graduate department will:

  • Complete and submit state CE applications

  • Provide the teaching organization with a registration database and applicable sign-in documents

  • Mail or email all attendees an official Attendance Verification / License Renewal document

  • Maintain attendance records

Submit a Proposal for Teaching or Scholarship

We are always looking for new presenters and topics that are a good fit with the University’s vision and mission.

  • Submit an outline of your course or series along with a copy of the instructor(s) curriculum vitae to alumni@scuhs.edu.

  • Allow up to 6 weeks for the Postgraduate Dean, Postgraduate Committee, and President to review your submission. Additional information may be requested.

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