Diagnostic Imaging Residency

Diagnostic Imaging Residency

SCU offers a three-year in-house diagnostic imaging residency program. Completion of such a residency is the only way in which a Doctor of Chiropractic may become eligible for the ACBR examination. This is a full-time program in which the participants act as members of the diagnostic imaging portion of the diagnosis department while following a comprehensive syllabus for their studies. It is a demanding program that includes auditing and teaching of Radiology classes to DC candidates, practical training in all aspects of radiology, research, clinical involvement, consultation, assigned study, testing and other endeavors. Opportunity to spend time in the radiology departments of cooperative teaching hospitals and at two medical imaging centers adds practical, as well as didactic, experience in pertinent areas beyond that which could be gained in a purely chiropractic setting.


  • Three-year, full-time appointments
  • Stipend and full benefits
  • Leads to eligibility to sit for specialty experience exam
  • Excellent teaching and learning experience
  • Off-campus rotations throughout Southern California


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