Advanced Training & Continuing Education


Advanced Training and Continuing Education

Discover unique opportunities for lifelong learning. Expand your scope with Advanced Training and Continuing Education programs offered in a wide array of specialty areas allowing you to invest in your future and enhance your career

SCU’s two prestigious post-doctoral programs include Sports Medicine and Radiology. Our own on-campus, highly recognized SCU Health System offers both hands-on experience and residency opportunities in an inter-professional environment.

“It is important start with a solid platform of education around what it means to become a doctor, regardless of your field. You must have a very thorough and broad footing to build upon. That’s one of the advantages of SCU – that graduates are provided strong fundamental toolsets that accelerate and fast-track their career. SCU is an important partner to me. About 80% of the full time employees at the USOC clinics are from SCU – and there’s a reason – because they’re very well-trained.”
-Dr. Bill Moreau, Vice President of Sports Medicine, United States Olympic Committee

Due to the complexity and nature of these advanced programs, there may be additional application requirements. Because of this reality, we prefer prospective students to contact us directly to learn more and start this application process.

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