Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

OIE’s Vision is to have data-driven decision making be a habit of mind within the SCU community.

OIE’s Mission is to support the University mission, vision, and values through the effective use of accurate information for continuous institutional improvements, developing the infrastructure for systematic data analysis, promoting transparency and consistency in procedures and processes, and ensuring the effective implementation of strategic planning.

The mission is achieved through:

  • Guiding and facilitating the process of reaffirmation of accreditation.
  • Organizing and clarifying University and department policies, operating procedures, & data capture practices.
  • Coordinating a comprehensive system of Program Reviews that contribute to the mission and strategic goals of the University and the respective programs.
  • Consulting with departments, programs, faculty, and students from start to finish on research projects to ensure legitimacy and rigor of data.
  • Closing the assessment loop by facilitating the use of research to make informed resource allocation and policy decisions.
  • Ensuring that departmental goals align with the University’s strategic plan and that institutional enhancement efforts are effective.
  • Promoting and supporting faculty and institutional research.
Office of Institutional Effectiveness diagram of concerns

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