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Alumni / Mentor Network - Vermont

Michele Doucette, DC
DC Member

Michele Doucette, DC

Contact Information


497 Boyd Hill Rd
Wilmington, VT 05363


After receiving her BS degree in Biochemistry, Magna Cum Laude, from The University of MA at Amherst, Dr. Michele Doucette went on to graduate with her DC degree third in her class in 1989.  As a Certified Zero Balancer, she is also on the faculty of the Zero Balancing Health Association.  Besides volunteering in the middle school, teaching afterschool programs such as hand drumming and volleyball,  she participates in a drug and alcohol prevention coalition in the high school.  “I am fascinated by the interface of science, spirituality, and nature.  I love to read, swim, hike, garden, play volleyball, dance, give lectures on energy medicine, ski, snowshoe, wrestle with my kids, etc.”

Chiropractor is available for:

  • Email Exchanges
  • Personal visits per chiropractor's choice
  • Shadowing by prospective student during working hours  
  • Presentations to grade/middle/high school students  
  • Presentations to undergraduate students at colleges and universities  
  • Attending health professions fairs at colleges and universities