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Alumni / Mentor Network - Alabama

DC Member

Chris Harrison, DC

Contact Information


1025 Montgomery Hwy, Ste 102
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216


Dr Chris Harrison earned a BA in History and Physical Education from the University of Houston before completing his DC degree in 1972.  He went on to earn a Diplomate from International College of Applied Kinesiology.  He enjoys meeting other DCs from all over the world and always tries to “make bridges” across the professions.  As part of his community involvement, he is proud to be part of his local Rotary Club, which raises about $40,000-50,000 each year to support math and debate teams.  (Their math team has been #1 in the nation for the last 12 years!)  Besides an ongoing interest in Physical Fitness, he is fascinated by ElectroMagnetic Fields -- "I go into folks' homes and attenuate pathological electrical smog."
Chiropractor is available for:

  • Email Exchanges
  • Personal visits per chiropractor's choice
  • Shadowing by prospective student during working hours
  • Presentations to grade/middle/high school students
  • Presentations to undergraduate students at colleges and universities