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Alumni / Mentor Network - Alberta

Tara Guthrie, DC
DC Member

Tara Guthrie, DC

Contact Information


300 933 17th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2T 5R6


Dr. Guthrie completed her BSci. degree at the University of Calgary before graduating cum laude with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2001. She enjoys working with ironman triatheletes and runners of all caliber and has an interest in core stability training. Dr. Guthrie is an official chiropractor for the Alberta Ballet, and serves at the Discovery House for Women, providing chiropractic care to abused women in financial need. She is also an Examiner for the Canadian Chiropractic National Board Exams. In addition to her other training, she is certified in Active Release Technique and in Kinesiotaping. Dr. Guthrie also maintains her interests in running, soccer, and the martial arts.

Chiropractor is available for:

  • Email Exchanges
  • Shadowing by prospective student during working hours
  • Presentations to grade/middle/high school students
  • Presentations to undergraduate students at colleges and universities
  • Attending health professions fairs at colleges and universities