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President's Inauguration

Inauguration of the 14th SCU President
Dr. John Scaringe

page_images/Scaringe_John_1.jpgOn October 2, 2010 Dr. John Scaringe was inaugurated as the 14th President of the Southern California University of Health Sciences, and with him the hope of ushering in the era of stability and visionary leadership. This was a pivotal period in the history of SCU as we celebrate the past 100 years we look forward to lay the foundation for the next 100 years.

The University is both excited and honored to have a President that is both visionary and strategic. What makes our 14th President, Dr. John Scaringe, unique is his experience and background as an educator, clinician, health center director and senior administrative leader here at SCU. His intimate knowledge and numerous responsibilities assure us that he will navigate the surest course.

The Inauguration Ceremony and Reception were held at the Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa, CA. Dr. John Scaringe delivered his Inaugural Address and was invested as President after receiving greetings from representatives of the Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Board of Regents. Following the investiture ceremony, the many guests and dignitaries attended the Inaugural Reception.