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Congratulations Dr. Sheila Hanes for being honored as Professor Emeritus

March 6, 2012

On February 25, 2012 the Board of Regents approved the formal request from Dr. Scaringe and his Cabinet that Dr. Sheila Hanes be awarded the honorary distinction of Professor Emeritus. Dr. Sheila Hanes, now joins an elite group of SCU employees that have served the University with distinction during their tenure here at SCU.
Dr. Scaringe and his Cabinet have also selected Dr. Hanes as the official honorary University mace bearer for all graduation ceremonies.
During her tenure here at SCU she became the unofficial historian of SCU, gathering and documenting the history of SCU. Dr. Sheila Hanes graduated from LACC in 1979 and served as a Clinical Faculty member and eventually becoming the Clinical Director at El Monte for 10 years and serving 2 more years as the Clinical Director for the Anaheim Clinic. In 1996 Dr. Sheila Hanes was appointed the Director of Alumni Affairs and she reminded the Alumni Affairs Director until she retired in 2011.
Everyone here at SCU would like to thank you Dr. Sheila Hanes, for your 32 years of service and commitment to educational excellence.