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President's On-Campus Address

John Scaringe, DC, EdD
On-Campus Inaugural Address
September 28, 2010

Thank you very much. As you just learned from our previous speakers, I have been at SCU/LACC since 1991. I started as faculty and my appointment as Professor is the most cherished title I have next to being a "Dad" to my two daughters.

I am here at SCU because I choose to be! I am here because of the most dedicated and hard working staff, talented and caring faculty, bright and energetic administration, and the most intelligent and awesome students in healthcare education! I am here because I want to be with you!

This inauguration is not about me. It's about SCU! I am humbled to be given this opportunity to lead the greatest group of individuals from all corners of the campus during this historic transitional year—where we just completed celebrating our College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine's 10-year anniversary and we are preparing to honor LACC's Centennial! Now how cool is that!

I pledge to be open, honest, and candid. I will do my best to lead by example—to take action and do what I say I would do. I am prepared to silence my critics with performance and ask that you do the same.

Dr Losack, are you here? You have been pretty vocal over the past couple weeks about having a clear "Statement of Presidential Intent". I couldn't agree more! To have an understanding of the president's intent so that decision makers, even at the lowest levels, can make timely and accurate decisions in line with the president's goals is essential.

Let me communicate my intent with the simple premise that decisions should be faculty, staff, and student centered as long as student learning is the focus of all those decisions. To add more clarity,

  • If you're a faculty or staff member who doesn't sincerely like students—SCU is not the place for you!
  • If you're an administrator, and you don't genuinely like faculty—SCU is not the place for you!
  • If you're a student who doesn't want to work hard to understand how course material will help make you be a better practitioner, or you are concerned about just getting by and not developing your critical and clinical decision making skills—SCU is not the place for you!
  • If you're a faculty or student who is not constantly appraising and integrating the literature to improve the ART of your respective healthcare discipline—SCU is not the place for you!
  • And finally, if you're a member of this campus community who doesn't value and actively build relationships both internally and externally—SCU is not the place for you!

As president, I promise to continue the strong traditions deep in LACC's history of excellence in healthcare education, evidence or science-based inquiry, unprecedented leadership, and the value of scholarship to include the scholarship of teaching and learning.

I am honored to be your president and accept the responsibility of this office with great pride. I will do my best to serve and gain your trust and respect through action and outcomes as we honor the past and shape the future of healthcare together.

In closing, I would like to take this time to wish LACC a very Happy Birthday! You look awfully good to me at 99 years of age!

Thank you for sharing this special day with me. God bless you all!