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B.S. in Biological Sciences - Bachelor's Completion Program

For individuals interested in completing a Bachelor's degree, SCU offera an accredited Bachelor's Completion Program with a degree in Biological Sciences.

Our Bachelor's Completion Program in Biological Sciences has a concentration in Integrative Health.  This program is tailor made for individuals who want to accomplish their goals with a high-quality education, affordable tuition, and course flexibility while accommodating personal, family and professional commitments.

Program Highlights
  •     Will satisfy general expectations for an undergraduate degree
  •     2 year/6 trimester program
  •     Weekend classes
  •     Low student to faculty ratio
  •     Scholarships available for certain scholars demonstrating
        high academic standards and financial need
  •     Financial aid is available for all those who qualify
  •     Graduates from this program may be eligible to apply
        for professional and health related employment

Cohort Calendars




Basic Science Knowledge

Graduates will apply the fundamental principles of Integrative Health courses and Life Sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Physiology.


Scientific Reasoning

Graduates will develop hypotheses and claims, apply testing methodologies and the scientific method, and create rational critiques and conclusions. Graduates will become open-minded skeptics who question and look for evidence on topics and questions they encounter within and beyond this program.


Information Literacy

Graduates will appraise scientific and technical literature, especially those related to the integrative healthcare field. Graduates will be able to interpret concepts from outside sources, and will have the ability to understand information from course textbooks.


Communication Effectiveness

Graduates will professionally construct and defend their ideas, thoughts, and concepts through multiple methods: written, verbal, and non-verbal.


Integrative Health Knowledge

Graduates will understand principles and practices of integrative health and how to apply them in a professional healthcare practice.



Graduates will demonstrate professionalism in all interactions. This relates to punctuality, respect, attire, and attitude


In accordance with CFR 2.2a, the BSBS program provides students with a broad education. The general education outcomes for the BSBS are as follows: 


Humanities, Art & Literature
Graduates will be aware of, analyze, discuss, and contrast similar and different ideas and beliefs.


English & Writing Composition

Graduates will develop writing skills, including grammar, “voice”, syntax, and apply APA guidelines in academic writing.

Science and Mathematics

Graduates will understand basic mathematics calculation as applied to everyday calculation and be able to use the scientific method.


Computer Literacy

Graduates will be able to use computers for a variety of tasks, including using the internet to find credible assessable resources and use basic Microsoft Office or similar software.


History and Social Science/Social Behavior

Graduates will understand and respect what people do, their motivations, and the influences of diverse perspectives and cultures.



To learn more about our Bachelor's Completion Program, call (877) 434-7757


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